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The Seduction Brain Has Been Discovered

Are You Making This HUGE Mistake?

Most guys act like little kids around girl’s they’re attracted to.

Which is kind of gross, in a Freudian sense.

What do little kids do around their moms?

They do something “good” and mom gives them a “reward.”

In fact, most PEOPLE live their lives like that.

They believe that the world is based on some magical “reward system.”

Like if you work “hard” you SHOULD get paid.

Unfortunately, the basic laws of economics say you’ll only get paid if your work is VALUABLE according to somebody else.

Namely, the guy who’s paying you.

You can fill your backpack with rocks, go outside and jump up and down all day trying to fly.

It sure is hard, but NOBODY is going to pay you for that.

(Unless you’re looking goofy on purpose in hopes of getting viral YouTube fame).

Girls are the same way.

They don’t “reward” guys for saying the “right thing.”

They ACT a certain way if they FEEL the right emotions.

So your job, as a man, is to get her FEELING those emotions.

You can’t ASK SOMEBODY to feel those emotions any more than you can ASK SOMEBODY to get hungry for a certain type of food.

However, you CAN make the right kind of food, at the right time, so they will GET HUNGRY as a natural response.

Similarly, you can behave and communicate around a girl in the right way, that will SUBCONSCIOUSLY entice her to FEEL those feelings.

The feelings that will make her WANT to be with you for HER reasons.

NOT yours.

The paradox is the MORE she suspects you are trying to make her feel those feelings, the LESS LIKELY she’ll feel them.

So you have to VERY SUBTLE.

What do most guys do?

They spit out a couple of lines, waiting for a “reward” just like when mommy gave them a cookie.

Don’t do that!

What should you do instead?

Speak to her in a very specific way that will get her feeling those wonderful emotions that will make her WANT to do those wonderful things WITH YOU.

For HER reasons, not yours.

They can NEVER be yours.

Luckily, if you obey the first rule of “Fight Club” (NEVER talk about Fight Club) that will be easy.

Learn How:

Hypnotic Seduction

Fantasy Stories Will Work Wonders

Make Girls Want To Meet You

Most guys wait around until they see an attractive girl before they start wondering how to get “girls” to like them.

There they are, skipping down the street, happy as can be, and the BOOM!

A gorgeous girl suddenly appears.

And then they think, “Jeez, how can I get her to notice me? To like me? To maybe fall in love with me?”

Unfortunately, by then it might be a bit too late.

It’s much better to be PROACTIVE.

And start to take time to build an attractive “personality.”

Any time you have to do anything consciously, it’s not going to be very effective.

Meaning if you have to THINK about what to say, THINK about what to do, it will come across as unnatural.

So, how do you get into attractive “shape?”

If you wanted to get into physical shape, it would be pretty simple.

Hit the gym, watch what you eat, etc.

But one thing that radiates MASSIVE attraction is somebody who is socially confident AND socially competent.

Somebody who feels AT HOME as the center of attention in a crowd.

And when you tell stories that are designed to create attraction in any female that’s listening, this will happen pretty easily.

This will put you in a MUCH BETTER position.

Even if she’s not actually listening, she’ll be watching EVERYBODY ELSE (guys and girls) who are hanging on your every word.

So before she even talks to you, she’ll have already made up her mind that YOU are somebody she wants to get to know.

You can even practice these patterns on “friends” and they won’t know what hit them.

They won’t know WHY they are suddenly attracted to you, only that they are.

And pretty soon, you will have pretty much flipped the script on the world.

Girls will be the ones noticing YOU and wondering how THEY can get YOUR attention.

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Hypnotic Seduction

Be Bold And Take The Leap

How To Properly Set The Hook

Think of what it’s like to be an attractive female.

Everywhere you go, guys are checking you out.

And everywhere you go, guys are trying all kinds of “game” to generate interest.

What does this mean?

Even if you use reasonably good “game,” she’ll still categorize you with all those other “players.”

Even if you game works, even if she finds you attractive anyway, she still is going to enjoy being chased.

In this scenario, girls are fishing, and men are fish.

The more you get the fish to chase the bait, the more committed they are.

Girls are programmed to do this.

It’s in their DNA.

Their ancient inner-selves want to know the guy she gets together with isn’t a short term player.

So even if you DO have very tight game, you still might need to work on her while.

Is this the ONLY way?

No, it is not.

Another way would be to get her interested in you WITHOUT her thinking you’re running any kind of game.

Girls love the idea of being “seduced” by a worthy male.

But they also love the idea of “magic.”

That feeling that just happens, without any logic.

When she can’t get you out of her mind, and she doesn’t know why.

This is the stuff epic romances are made of.

Of course, you still have to talk to her.

But since you won’t be using any overt seduction techniques, you don’t need to worry about any resistance.

Just talk to her as if you aren’t really interested.

And then spin a few nested loops.

The kind embedded with deep attraction generating technology.

Not only will it feel like magic (to her) it will be HER idea.

And YOU will be the one setting the hook.

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Hypnotic Seduction

Alien Invasion

Stop Trying To Push Her Buttons

Most people think in terms of checkers.

They want something, and they to know how to get it.

Sometimes, this is easy.

If you want a snack out of a vending machine, you put in the right amount of money, and push the right buttons.

Simple checkers logic.

Linear “cause and effect.”

But some things are much more complicated.

Which means getting what you want will require a bit more thinking that linear “cause and effect.”

But even the most complicated things follow a certain set of rules.

Otherwise, we would be living in a completely random universe.

And since we’re not, there IS a repeatable strategy to get pretty much anything.

But sometimes that strategy can be pretty complicated.

Much TOO complicated for those who only want to insert right coins and push the right buttons.

But for those who are willing to stretch their brains, getting what you want is pretty easy.

Even if it’s the interest of an attractive woman.

All you’ve got to do is the right things in the right order.

What things?

Getting her feeling the right emotions in the right order.

How do you do that?

Most people go about it the roundabout way. Trying all kinds of different “techniques” that are supposed to be like “pushing buttons.”

But that can be hit and miss.

Instead of just pushing buttons, think about slowly moving her emotions.

Slowly increase one, wait for it to peak, and then slowly increase the next one.

This is much more like playing an instrument than pushing buttons on a machine.

How do you move her emotions in the right order?

By telling her the right stories in the right order.

Which stories are those?


Hypnotic Seduction

Get Your Game Tight

Haphazard Seduction Patterns

Most people think that men and women are attracted to different things because men are visual but women are not.

This is only partially true.

It IS true that men and women are attracted to different things, but the “visual” part is not the whole story.

Men are attracted VERY QUICKLY. And that which makes us attracted is available to use visually.

Women, on the other hand, become attracted more slowly. And that which makes them attracted comes in through MORE sensory organs (sight, sound, hearing).

But that doesn’t mean they are less visual.

For example, she can tell VISUALLY from across the room whether you are confident or not.

How you move, your posture, etc.

But that’s not ENOUGH to make her physically and sexually attracted to you.

She needs to feel a lot of emotions in the right order.

Most guys try to create these emotions haphazardly.

They go the old school way, flowers, nice dates, etc.

Or they try “game.” Push pull, cocky funny, etc.

These CAN work, but they can also backfire.

It would be like trying to bake a cake blindfolded, only knowing that there is some mixing and cooking in there somewhere.

Most people don’t know WHY cocky and funny works, or WHY push-pull works.

Luckily, there is a much more efficient way.

One where you can create the right emotions in the right order.

This would be like baking a cake without the blindfold, with a step by step recipe.

Once you got the right recipe down, you can bake as many cakes as you want.

Over and over and over and over and over.

Learn How:

Hypnotic Seduction

Ditch Approach Anxiety

How To Make Women Try To Impress You

Many guys use a lot of “tricks” to pick up girls.

Things they learn in hopes of “impressing her.”

But if you are operating from this mindset, you have already made a mistake.

No matter how “skilled” you are, there is ALWAYS going to be a guy who is BETTER.

And this also reinforces and very troubling trend today.

Most guys treat even plain looking girls like princesses.

And with the magic of photoshop (and other image software), plain looking girls can make themselves look pretty gorgeous on social media.

Which gives them the ILLUSION (through their followers and likes) of actually BEING a popular princess.

So when you walk up and try to “impress” her with your witty pick up line, or clever bar trick, she’s going to SUBCONCIOUSLY compare you to EVERY OTHER GUY that she considers her “princess fan.”

Which may be THOUSANDS of guys on social media.

This can be a tough crowd to beat.

So why even play?

NO, I’m talking about joining some self-imposed celibate movement and accepting that the only girls you’ll get any action from are in video games.

I’m talking about not playing the “I need to impress her” game.

How do you do that?

First you need to FEEL abundance rather than scarcity.

I know, this sounds like law of attraction mumbo jumbo, so let explain.

Scarcity (or the scarcity mindset) comes from a feeling that you WANT much more than you are capable of getting.

This is true for most males. They want sex much more than they can get sex.

Or in economic terms, DEMAND is much higher than SUPPLY.

This means it is a sellers market.

Because women operate in a world where they are the scarce resource, they can afford to be choosey.

Males, on the other hand, feel lucky just to get a little attention.

How do you switch that to the abundance mindset?

You need to actually EXPERIENCE that there are a LOT of women out there.

And they are pretty similar.

And most importantly, MOST OF THEM are really not that special.

This requires that you RECALIBRATE how you perceive the sexual marketplace.

How do you do that?

By removing the FALSE FEAR that makes it SEEM like you’re operating from scarcity.

Do this, and you’ll never feel the need to impress another woman again.

They will feel the need to impress you.

Learn How:

Zero Fear Game

Claim Your Castle

Rid Yourself of Approach Anxiety

Humans and chimps share 98% of our DNA.

It’s believed that humans and chimps split apart six million years ago.

Plenty of studies have shown that when you stick a few people in an unknown situation, we’ll organize according to a hierarchy.

What hierarchy?

It’s one thing we humans know how to do instinctively.

No language needed.

We just kind of look around, and figure out who’s “most likely” to be a good “leader.”

It’s usually the guy (or sometimes the gal) who seems to know what’s what.

Who has the look that he’s got everything (or he knows he will have everything) under control.

Nobody needs to teach us how to do this.

When they study chimps, they find there is a strong correlation between social status and sex.

It’s almost like each generation is a “social status contest,” with the winner being the one who sends his DNA into the future the most.

When girls go out looking to meet guys, you better believe they are also using this same instinct.

To see who’s “in charge” and who isn’t.

Females seem to be MUCH BETTER at this than guys are.

They can quickly scan a room, and find out who’s confident, and who’s not.

Who’s nervous, and who’s not.

This is why it feels (or can feel) so “on the spot” when you approach.

So by the time you walk over there, no matter WHAT you say, she will have ALREADY come to a few conclusions about you.

And as I’m sure you know, first impressions are HARD to change.

So why not make a good one?

Make SUCH a good impression so that no matter WHAT you say to her, it will work to IMPROVE your attraction.

How do you do that?

Remove all that junk in your mind.

That internal chatter that makes it seem like YOU need to present yourself to HER for approval, instead of the other way around.

After all, YOU are the one who is sending your DNA into the future (at least that’s what your genes think!)

Ditch the unhelpful beliefs, and claim your true power.

Learn How:

Zero Fear Game

Wow Woman Want You

How To Ditch Scarcity For Good

What’s your biggest issue with women?

Most people come up with something right away.

Not enough quality women.

I don’t know what to say.

I don’t have the right clothing.

I’m too….(whatever).

But in reality, that’s not the real issue.

This is common among ALL human “issues.”

Therapists have known for centuries that when people show up, the first thing they say as the “problem” is never the problem.

When married couples fight about the toilet seat, it’s never really about the toilet seat.

So, back to women.

What’s the ONE THING that would make EVERYTHING easier?


Meaning have ZERO FEAR.

Just imagine this for a moment, for the sake of argument.

Imagine being able to walk up to any girl, anywhere, any time, and talk to her like you’ve known her for years.

Any feelings of “scarcity” would disappear.

Most guys, when they get ANY kind of positive response from a woman, they hang on for dear life.

Because it’s so rare.

But if you literally have ZERO FEAR?

You can talk to any girl any time without worry.

If she shows even a HINT of trouble, eject and find somebody better.

The cool thing is she’ll SENSE this.

Just like girls can sense it when you’re hanging on for dear life.

But when you have ZERO fear?

You’ll never worry again.

Just the act of going outside to meet girls is EASIER than trying to figure out what the heck she mean by that text.

Very few men are like this.

Most men operate from a scarcity mindset.

And women know this.

Which is exactly why they act the way they do.

They can get away with it.

But, since a ZERO FEAR man with ZERO scarcity is so rare to them, they will always be on their best behavior.

Learn How:

Zero Fear Game

End Manipulation

How To Lower The Boom

A long time ago, when I was fresh out of college and working for a big company, I made a costly mistake.

Not billions of dollars costly, but it messed up a design schedule for a product.

I had to tell my boss’ boss, since she was the one in charge.

I was pretty nervous. I thought I might be fired, or killed, or worse.

So I went up into her HUGE office, and told her.

She didn’t blink. She just listened, nodded, and asked a simple question:

“OK. What are you going to do now?”

I had already figured out how to fix things, and I told her.

“OK. When will that be ready?” she asked, still not having put her pen down from what she was doing. I told her, and she thanked me and got back to whatever she was doing.

Just like that.

Interestingly, this is how most EVERY conversation goes, especially those we THINK are going to turn into horrible shout-fests.

So long as you calmly explain yourself, there’s really not much the other person can do.

If they jump up and down, throw a tantrum, and lob a few illogical insults, you can just calmly repeat yourself.

“I understand this makes up upset. And…” and repeat yourself.

You can even add on the magic words at the end, so they don’t feel like you’re slamming the door in their face.

“What do you want to do?”

The trick in being TRULY assertive (and not aggressive, which most people confuse with being assertive) is to calmly state your truth, and ALLOW the other person to respond however they want.

Then if you need to, simply restate your truth, and ask, “What do you want to do?”

Once they realize their temper tantrum won’t work, it will lose it’s effectiveness, and they’ll (usually) become more reasonable.

Of course, like any other linguistic technology, this is a LOT easier on paper than it is in real life.

This is pretty tough when you’re heart is jack-hammering in your chest.

Luckily, there are plenty of exercises you can do on your own, before lowering the “boom.”

And once you see how EASY it is to express your truth, whatever it is, you’ll realize the world is MUCH MORE receptive to your truth than you believe.

Learn How:

Stop Manipulation

Rock Solid Wall Of Confidence

How To Become Unshakeable

Many people wish for fame, and then crash and burn when it happens.

There’s no shortage of Hollywood stories of actors who had it all, but are secretly living self-destructive lives.

It’s also a curious thing that fear of success is just as much an inhibitor of fear of failure.

This also comes across when people fail to set goals.

When setting goals, you’ve got to consider four things.

Present positives, present negatives, future positives, and future negatives.

It’s very easy to focus on the present negatives (the things we don’t like about our current predicament) as well as the future positives (the thing we want).

But we rarely consider what we might be leaving behind, as well as the “bad things” about our future we haven’t considered.

Very often, these have to do with feelings of “social safety.”

One thing we are always worried about (consciously or unconsciously) is being judged by others.

Taken to its extreme, EVERYBODY in the world might judge us negatively, and kick us out of the club.

So the MORE people you interact with, the stronger this “worry” is going to be.

So if you don’t have a rock solid sense of self, this can wear on you.

Unfortunately, it’s not something we can easily predict.

If any of your goals ARE tied to increased social recognition, the closer to your goal you get, the more you’ll feel this underlying worry.

How can you avoid this?

Well, the most popular way is to just play it as safely as possible.

NEVER do anything outside of your comfort zone.

But this is pretty boring.

A more enjoyable (and surprisingly easy) alternative is to slowly build up the STRENGTH of your frame.

To get a rock solid idea of who you are.

AND to simultaneously build in a metaphorical “defense shield” so no matter WHERE you are, and who you are around, you’ll feel safe and at home.

That way, no amount of future fame and social recognition will shake you.

Become Unshakeable:

Stop Manipulation