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Tap The Power of Feelings For Incredible Success

If you’ve ever felt a strange sensation, and weren’t exactly sure what it was or where it was coming from, or even if it existed at all outside of your imagination, then this article is for you.

The human mind/body system is a fantastically complex organism that defies and will continue to defy understanding of anything other than it’s basic operation. On the scale of human history, successful surgery, of even the basic kind, is still in its infancy.

Many mistakenly believe that simply because there is not any direct hard evidence of unexplainable phenomenon, then it can’t exist. The easies retreat of people who dare not face the idea of something beyond comprehension is the easy question “Is there any documented proof?”

The human system has evolved over hundreds of thousands of years in unending and changing environments. And we have prevailed. We have grown to be the dominant species on the planet. No other animal uses language or tools, or planning or abstract thought like humans do. And that is just scratching the surface.

The thrust of necessity behind the size and intellect of the human brain may never be fully understood. That there even exists a “subconscious” mind is still debated, even today among psychologists. Those that don’t like the idea that part of their brain is operating outside of their conscious awareness will ask for “proof” or “case studies” that show conclusively of it’s existence.

One of the theories behind the development of the subconscious brain is the idea of saving conscious bandwidth. Of course, on a parallel universe, humans may evolve to always be consciously monitoring their heart rate, breathing rate, skin temperature, and keeping all of their memories and imaginations of the possible future in their conscious awareness at all times, but it is not likely.

A much more likely explanation was that only a small bandwidth of mental processing power was given to the conscious mind, and the vast remainder is given over to the unconscious mind. Eating, breathing, fear, love, excitement all of these are the results of massive computations by the unconscious, and delivered to the conscious in the form of feelings.

Sadly, we are taught in the west, especially the males among us, to disregard our feelings and use only our logical, or conscious computing power to make decisions that can affect our livelihoods for a lifetime.

Imagine this scenario. You have a desire to buy a car. You go to a car dealership. The salesperson is setting of alarm bells in your system, danger, danger, danger. But you really want a car, so you ignore them. You allow him to dazzle you with colorful brochures, and statistics about safety and miles per gallon, and how many hundreds of thousands of people have already bought this car. By the time he is done with his sales pitch, you have effectively shut down your initial warning system that has been fine tuned over hundreds of thousands of years of evolution.

The result? Maybe you get lucky and the car works out for you. Maybe you don’t, and the car is a lemon that quickly depreciates in value, and you are stuck with it for three or four years. The salesman knew this, and tried his best to cover it up. Had you paid attention to your subconscious processor warning system (AKA your intuition) you could have avoided the whole scenario and gone someplace else.

The more you learn to listen to your feelings, and understand that they are natures best and most effective design that is the result of hundreds of thousand of years of testing and improvement (AKA evolution), the sooner you will able to cut through all the crap that surrounds us in our daily lives, and go straight to the truth. The truth that is there, but elusive if you rely on logic to find it.

This is not metaphysics, or supernatural phenomenon, only misunderstood science. And when you use your feelings and intuition the way nature intended, you will be incredibly surprised how much personal power and choice you will gain in life.

Remember What the Fortune Teller Said

I was walking down this shopping arcade the other day. It was on of those streets that have a covered roof, and they don’t allow cars on the street. There are even signs up that say you have to walk you bike, but many people ignore this rule. Which is fine with me, because I’ve never seen anybody crash into anybody else. I suppose it would be a problem if they were riding fast and weren’t looking out where they were going, but so far, so good. They have many shops on this street; the most popular are clothing shops. Probably a fair distribution of men’s and women’s clothes, from professional to trendy. A few coffee shops, a couple of ice cream shops, and several eye glasses shops. Your typical downtown, modern shopping arcade.

I saw one shop the other that I hadn’t noticed before, and I had to take a look inside. You know how when you see something, you immediately become interested, and you tell yourself that you have to look inside this to find what’s inside. And the more you look, the more you want to find out more. Which is exactly why I thought that very same thing.

So I looked inside, and there were several hundred different stones and crystals. Some were made specifically for jewelry, or accessories. How they take something and craft it to be ornamental and put on display. And then there were other stones, which were still in their raw form. Many different crystals. Stones that were more for their symbolic use rather than their ornamental use. Perhaps even metaphysical, as they had several charts on the Chakras and which stones went with which Chakra. (Lately, my favorite Chakra during meditation has been the Sacral Chakra.)

This reminds me of a psychic I met at a party several months ago. She said she was only an amateur, hobbyist kind of psychic, as she didn’t do it for a living. More for party tricks. She had a deck of Tarot Cards, and I asked her to give me a reading. She dealt all the cards out, and gave me an interesting reading. While I don’t remember the specific cards she dealt, I remember what she said about them, because it was absolutely true:

You have had some trouble in the past, and you are afraid that as you move into the future, these same things will trouble you. But you don’t realize is that some of these troubles form your past can actually turn into benefits if you take them as the experience that they were meant to be. And when you think of your future, you are looking forward to some things, but others you’d rather not think about, and perhaps even wish that some things that are coming in your future would just disappear, while other things that you would really like to happen, you are afraid that they won’t.

I asked her how she knew that from the cards that were dealt, as the cards were fairly ambiguous. She again shocked me with her insight:

Meaning is illusory. What you meaning you give is really a reflection of what is inside you. As you change within, so you will change without. The meanings you give will change over time, just as you will change over time. What you think is fearful today, may be funny tomorrow. And what you think is funny today, may be fearful tomorrow. Never trust the meaning you give, only trust your experience.

I was pretty amazed that such a “hobbyist” psychic would have such insight, but there it was. She said her real job was a very popular hairdresser at a local salon. She’d worked at one of those places where all the hair technicians are independent contractors, and they have to pay to use the shop. She had been there for several years, and was always in demand.

I ended up buying two crystals at that shop, one for my third Chakra, and one for my fifth Chakra. In hope that they would bring me what I was after. Sometimes I carry them with me, so I can remember what the fortuneteller said.

Breath In Power, Breath Out Fear

Have you ever had one of those days where you just feel that ‘blah’ kind of feeling? You just can’t get into a groove. Not like you are in a bad mood or anything, but you just don’t feel very inspired. You just want to hurry up and go home, and watch TV and forget about the outside world. Sometimes those days happen more often that I’d like. I’m not sure what causes it, maybe different bio rhythms or perhaps sunspots or something. If you are one of the lucky ones, and this rarely happens to you, I’m sure you know some people that have experienced this.

The tricky part is how to pull yourself out of this funk. When you realize that being in this funky state is not very productive, on any level, it seems to be a goal in and of itself to move yourself up to a higher level. One of the things that is so difficult of being in this ‘blah’ state is because it’s really not that painful, it’s easy to feel comfortable, so you lose sight of what it felt like when you were on top of things. And the longer you stay in this ‘blah’ frame of mind, the more difficult it seems to get out.

Recently I’ve discovered a method that helps me to keep out of that state on a daily basis. It’s kind of a visualization/breathing exercise I’ve been doing lately that I’d like to share.

What you do is get in a comfortable standing position. Bend your knees slightly, and let your arms hang at your sides.  Slowly exhale all you breath, until your lungs are completely empty. Then wait, just a few seconds, until you can feel that strong desire to breath begin to grow. Then slowly inhale, until your lungs are full. The key point is that as you slowly inhale, make sure to really feel appreciation for the air that is filling your lungs.  Imagine the appreciation starting at your root chakra, and then slowly filling up the line in front of your spine. When you have your lungs filled, imagine a ball of energy in your brain. Imagine that this ball of energy is pure appreciation, and let this energy of appreciation saturate all your neural connections in your brain, going into all your memories, all your thoughts, and all your plans for the future.

Hold the breath, and the imaginary ball of energy in your brain, for a few seconds. Just like the inhale, wait before you feel the need to exhale, and then exhale slowly. Imagine the ball of energy as a sponge which has soaked up all the negative energy it found while saturating your brain out into the universe.

Do this several times, the more the better. I practice Spring Forest Qi Gong every morning, and use this visualization while I inhale and exhale. It’s a great way to start the day, and can go a long ways to give you that nice relaxed, ‘can do’ frame of mind to carry with you throughout the day. And you’ll also find that when you start to practice this on a daily basis, you’ll inoculate yourself from any stray negative emotions that used to come your way.


The Power of The Throat Chakra

Imagine you walk into a room. You walk up to a group of people that you haven’t met yet. They look up when they see you. Curious. Curious because you carry yourself with complete confidence and poise. Curious because you have a look on your face that tells them that what you are about to say is very important. You open your mouth to speak, and all their thoughts are forgotten as they turn to wait to hear your opinion, your thoughts, your guidance.

Now some people, when they read that, might think “oh, no, I could never do that,” or something along those lines. But that is only because they haven’t been able to discover the power that everyone possesses. They aren’t able to discover the wisdom that everyone can express to share with others.

The reason is not a matter of knowledge, or experience, or expertise. The main concern here is one of communication. If you can find a way to embrace and express your truth, then without question people will listen. And one powerful way to begin to do that is by opening the Fifth, or Throat Chakra.

The Throat Chakra is all about communication, expression, persuasion. The more open your Throat Chakra will be, the more naturally and easily you will persuade others to your point of view. And you know as well as anybody else that people throughout history have been able to use this power both for good and for evil. I’m not going to give examples of either, because I’m sure you can think of plenty.

Before you begin your meditation on the Throat Chakra, ask yourself the following questions. Remember, as I’ve said in my other articles about the Chakras, you don’t have to get clear answers, just ask the questions, and be open for any responses that come.

What is truth?
What is my truth?
What are my desires?
How do my desires coincide with those of others?
How do all of us want the same thing?
How do I want people to think, feel, respond when I speak my truth?

Take a deep breath, slow. In. Out. As you exhale, imagine a small blue ball of light appear at your throat. Allow it to grow in size, slowly, with each exhale. Imagine the infinite wisdom of the universe breath through you into slowly growing ball of blue light. Allow it to grow slowly, until it is completely surrounding you. Sit inside for seven deep slow, breaths. After seven breaths, slowly allow it to shrink back down into our throat. Still filled with the wisdom of the universe, channeled through you, resting in your throat center, waiting to power your expressions.

How does it feel, now, as you sit there, to have such power resting in your throat, awaiting for you to express your truth? How much can you help others, now, that you know you have such power? What can you give? What can you share?


Fourth Chakra-Heart Chakra

Powerfully connect with strangers as if you’ve known each other your whole life. Feel such deep compassion that the freeing power of forgiveness is nearly automatic. Be able to understand all issues from multiple points of view, and develop ideas that will encourage everybody to agree.

This comes naturally when you understand the powerof the Fourth Chakra. The Fourth Chakra, anahata, or the Heart Chakra is located deep in the center of your chest at your spine. The associated color is green. The Fourth Chakra is associated with compassion, understanding, forgiveness, and love. Before you begin thepowerful Heart Chakra meditation, ask yourself the following questions. Remember, it’s not important to receive clear answers, rather to remain open, so that when you are ready, the answers will become evident.

What is keeping me from forgiving those that wronged me?

What is similar between me and those I label as my enemies?

How can I find the positive intention in all peoples action?

How can I powerfully and truthfully feel love and compassion for myself?

As you ponder these questions, quiet your mind. Breath slowly. In. Out. In. Out. As you breath in the love and compassion from the infinite mystical energy of the universe, hold it for a moment, and imagine a transfer of energy to your Heart Center. Exhale slowly. Inhale, hold and transfer energy. With each transfer of energy, imagine a ball of green light expanding in your chest. Keep breathing and out, until the ball of green light is completely surrounding you. Protecting you. Keeping you in the pure energy of love and compassion. Sit in the ball of energy for seven long, slow, full breaths. Hold each breath for a moment, and allow the green energy to transform you.

After the seven breaths, slowly shrink the ball of energy back down inside your chest. No hurry. Any speed that you are comfortable with is fine.

How does it feel now to have the love and compassion of the universe inside your chest, next to your heart, waiting to help you support yourself whenever you need it? Good? Good.

Please come back often to read more articles on things that can help you improve yourself. And because I will be updating this site frequently, please feel free to share or link this site with others.


Third Chakra

Move through life with power. Consider the opinions and judgements of others while maintaining the complete freedom to disregard them at will. Spin your mind in new and directions for incredibly insightful creativity. Have a supreme autonomy of will to resist even the strongest of temptations.

All this can be yours when you accept the power of the Third Chakra. The Third Chakra, known in some circles as manipura, is centered just below the sternum at the solar plexus. The color is yellow. The Third Chakra is responsible for mainting emotional stability, individuality, and creativity. And because you are naturally capable of being able to tap this source, you can begin to imagine the power that will come when manipura is your ally. Ask yourself the following questions before you begin your meditation. Keep in mind that you don’t need to find answers right away, simply because you are able to honestly ask these questions of yourself and to remain open to answers in whatever form, you will receive benefit.

Who are you?
Who are you before you ask this?
Before you were born, who were you?
Who are you that answers this question?
What if?
How can project safety and calm the emotions of others simply by being near?
What else is there?
Are you?

Breath deeply, in, out. In. Out. Imagine a small ball of bright yellow light emerge just where your stomach meets your ribs. Slowly. In. Out. Breath in the source emotional energy with your inhale, and as you hold it for a brief moment, allow it to charge the yellow ball. As you exhale slowly, allow the yellow ball to slightly increase in size. Slowly. In. Out.  Repeat this process until the yellow ball is surrounding you.  Protecting you. Keeping you safe and separate. Your own thoughts. Your own beliefs. Your emotions obeying your wishes. Sit inside this ball for seven long, slow breaths. That’s right. In. Out. Allow the yellow ball to slowly shrink down, until it returns into your solar plexus.

How does that feel now, knowing that you have such incredible power and safety and strenth,  Just below your heart, ready for you whenever you need it? When you walk through the world now, what will people see in you that is different? What will people see in you that they are now naturally drawn to because of your subtle yet powerful increase in strength? How many ways can you think of to connect with them?


Sacral Chakra

Automatically turn heads when you walk into a room. Maintain such incredible self confidence that you feel comfortable enough to speak your truth without any worries whatsoever of potential responses.  Become irresistibly attractive to members of the opposite sex with only glance and a slight smile. All this will happen naturally for you as you tap the powerof the Sacral Chakra.

The Sacral Chakra is the second Chakra. If you haven’t read the overview on Chakras, you might want to consider it before you continue, or you can choose to read it later.

The Sacral Chakra can be the most powerful and the most widely understood Chakra, because it is concerned with sexual energy. Unfortunately in today’s modern society, sexual energy is a topic that is shrouded in unresourceful mythology. Before you begin to experience the powerthat is available from the Sacral Chakra, it helps to be able to release any limiting beliefs you may have about your sexuality. If you grew up in western society, you might have been taught from a young age that sexuality is something to be kept secret, and sometimes even feel ashamed about. Nothing is further from the truth. A healthy appreciation for ones sexuality and sexual energies is one of the most fantastic sources of power available. Napoleon Hill devoted a whole chapter to sexual energy in his timeless classic “Think and Grow Rich.”

To begin the meditation, sit quietly, and ask yourself the following questions. It’s not important to come up with clear answers, just trust that as your mind searches for them, it will present you with solutions when you are ready.

How many things are wonderful about my sexuality?
When do I feel sexually powerful?
When do I feel emotionally centered and safe?
How can I feel trusting enough to truly express myself?
How can I express my truth powerfully and congruently?

Breath slowly. In. Out. In. Out.  Imagine a bright orange ball beginning to form in your sexual center. As you breath slowly, allow the ball to fill with positive energy.  As you breath in, imagine the energy coming in to your lungs from the infinite abundance and hold it slightly when your lungs are full. As you hold it, imagine the energy being transferred from your breath to your sexual center. As you exhale slowly, imagine the orange ball of energy expanding slightly. Take your time. Keep breathing slowly, until the orange ball is just slightly bigger than you, so it completely surrounds you. Take seven slow, even, steady breaths while in the pure sexual energy of this emotionally protective orange ball. After seven breaths, slowly shrink the ball back down, until all the energy that you transferred from the infinite abundance of the universe, to your breath, is now concentrated in your sexual center.

How does that feel, now, to be able to carry with you not only incredible sexual power and acceptance, but complete emotional safety and freedom? Good? Good.

Be sure to check back often, as I will be updating this site daily with new and interesting articles. And if you like, please be sure to share this, as helping out others is one of the best ways to help yourself.


Root Chakra

Naturally and powerfully develop unshakeable self esteem. Generate the ability to quickly and easily manifest material abundance.  Perpetuate a rock solid sense of self while maintaining a healthy respect for the choices and decisions of others. Create and maintain a supportive set of beliefs  that allow you to easily design and live the life you want. Sound good? It all becomes possible as you realize the power that resides in you Root Chakra.

As mentioned before, the Root Chakra is responsible for security, material survival, and issues of self. Before you begin a meditationon the Root Chakra, it helps to ask yourself some powerful questions related to these issues.

What issues do you have concerning safety? How do you feel when you know, really know, that you are completely safe?  When you feel that safety, where in your body do you feel it? Some feel a warm feeling in their chest, others feel a tingling around the scalp. Whatever you feel,  is perfect.

What concerns do you have regarding safety?  Do you occasionally feel anxiety with respect to personal safety? What situations can sometimes cause these feelings? If you were to go to sleep tonight, and a miracle happened that would make these problems vanish, how would you know? What would you see when you woke up that would let you know that all those old feelings of anxiety were gone? What you you hear that would confirm that you are indeed perfectly safe? What feelings would you feel? Where would they be in your body? Your chest, stomach, throat? Anything is fine.

What do you believe about yourself? What do you believe is possible? What would you like to believe about yourself? What would you like to believe is possible? What do you believe is natural for you to do? What would you like to believe is natural for you to do? If you have a role model, real or imaginary, what do they believe is possible? What would happen if you were to borrow their beliefs? Would you keep them if you liked them?

Take these self affirming beliefs, and these feelings of safety. It’s ok if you can’t feel them as being overwhelmingly strong.  Now hold those feelings, however they are, and imagine a bright red color. As you sit there, feeling those feelings, and imagining those positive beliefs swirling around your mind, in just that way, that’s right, for you, imagine that bright red color. Like the color of fresh cool apple. Or a bright fire engine. Or the color of a red valentines day heart you used to get in elementary school. Take a slow deep breath, and hold it for a moment. As you hold it, imagine a bright red ball of light glowing at the base of your spine. As you exhale, imagine the bright red ball of light expand just a little bit, and as it expands, it fills up with those feelings of safety and those self affirming beliefs.

Take several long, slow breaths like this. Breath in. Hold it. Expand that sphere of red color. As that red sphere, whose center is the base of your spine, expands, it naturally fills with stronger and stonger feelings of safety and self affirming and empowering beliefs. Breath in, hold it, breath out slowly. Sit with that sphere until it is completely surrounding you. Feel its presence. Feel it’s power.  When it gets just big enough to surround you completely, keep its size the same for seven really long, really slow breaths. In, hold, out. After seven breaths, slowly allow it to shrink back down until it disappears back into the base of your spine, so you can carry it with you wherever you go.

How does that feel now to be able to carry that powerful ball of safety and positive beliefs around with you wherever you go?

Please be sure to check back often, as I will update this site daily. And be sure to tell your friends, so they too, can begin to realize their power,  just like you are easily able to realize yours.


Tap into the Ancient Power of the Chakras for Immediate Benefit

How would you like to know a secret strategy used by the ancients to easily and effortlessly manifest your desires at will? Imagine what you could accomplish if you could learn a simple daily meditative practice that will give you an edge as you move through life with grace and skill.  Imagine being able to tap into an abundant wellspring of charisma, social poise, and powerful communication abilities. Is that something where you can realize the benefit? Is this something you might be able to find useful? Although it will require a scarce few minutes of your time every day, it will help to learn a bit of background first. Ready?

What I’m talking about is the power of your chakras. Chakra means ‘wheel’ in ancient Sanskrit. They are are tiny vortexes of energy throughout your body that once harnessed, can give you tremendous power. In this article, I will present a basic overview of the chakras. In subsequent writings, I will explain each one in detail, and give you a specific meditative practice that you can easily customize to your own life and desires.

Everybody has seven chakras, and each has a specific function. When a specific chakra is healthy or ‘open,’ you will experience ease and abundance in that particular area of life. Following is a brief overview of each.

The first, or Root Chakra, is located at the base of the spine. This chakra is associated with physical safety. Food, shelter, and physical health.  The associated color is red. When this chakra is open, you will feel completely safe on a physical and material level.

Next is the Spleen Chakra,and is located beneath your naval. This chakra is associated with sexual expression, reproduction, and rejuvenation. The associated color is orange. When this chakra is open, you will easily be able to express and accept yourself as a sexual person.

Third is the Solar Plexus Chakra, and is located at the solar plexus. This chakra is associated with creativity. The associated color is orange. When this chakra is open you will easily be able to think of new ideas and be able to resourcefully solve problems in creative ways.

Fourth is the Heart Chakra, and is located in the middle of your chest. This chakra is assoicated with compassion and empathy. The associated color is green. When this chakra is open, you will naturally be able to emphathize with others and to understand others’ points of view.

Fifth is the Throat Chakra, and is located in your throat. This chakra is associated with communication. The associated color is blue. When this chakra is open, you will be able to communicate powefully with others and be able to express yourself with authority.

Sixth is the Third Eye Chakra, and is located just between and above your eyes. This chakra is associated with intuition, and can be a powerful doorway to your higher self. The associated color is indigo. When this chakra is open you will develop keen intuition about yourself, others, and the future.

Seventh is the Crown Chakra, and is located at the top most point on your head. This chakra is associated with a host of good metaphysical stuff, including new beginnings, connection to the divine and the superconscious. The associated color is purple, or white. When this chakra is open, you can develop a deep sense of knowing, and sometimes be able to feel a deep connection with the infinite.

So now that you have a basic understanding of the chakra’s and their importance, you can naturally imagine what you can do when you begin to harness their power. Be sure to check back often, as I will be adding more articles on specific ways to open your chakras for greater benefit. And because you now have an understanding of this and how you can benefit, please share this with others so that they, like you, can also use it to improve their lives.