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Fourth Chakra-Heart Chakra

Powerfully connect with strangers as if you’ve known each other your whole life. Feel such deep compassion that the freeing power of forgiveness is nearly automatic. Be able to understand all issues from multiple points of view, and develop ideas that will encourage everybody to agree.

This comes naturally when you understand the powerof the Fourth Chakra. The Fourth Chakra, anahata, or the Heart Chakra is located deep in the center of your chest at your spine. The associated color is green. The Fourth Chakra is associated with compassion, understanding, forgiveness, and love. Before you begin thepowerful Heart Chakra meditation, ask yourself the following questions. Remember, it’s not important to receive clear answers, rather to remain open, so that when you are ready, the answers will become evident.

What is keeping me from forgiving those that wronged me?

What is similar between me and those I label as my enemies?

How can I find the positive intention in all peoples action?

How can I powerfully and truthfully feel love and compassion for myself?

As you ponder these questions, quiet your mind. Breath slowly. In. Out. In. Out. As you breath in the love and compassion from the infinite mystical energy of the universe, hold it for a moment, and imagine a transfer of energy to your Heart Center. Exhale slowly. Inhale, hold and transfer energy. With each transfer of energy, imagine a ball of green light expanding in your chest. Keep breathing and out, until the ball of green light is completely surrounding you. Protecting you. Keeping you in the pure energy of love and compassion. Sit in the ball of energy for seven long, slow, full breaths. Hold each breath for a moment, and allow the green energy to transform you.

After the seven breaths, slowly shrink the ball of energy back down inside your chest. No hurry. Any speed that you are comfortable with is fine.

How does it feel now to have the love and compassion of the universe inside your chest, next to your heart, waiting to help you support yourself whenever you need it? Good? Good.

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