Welcome to George Hutton’s Reality Reconstruction. Updated frequently to easily give readers everywhere a more resourceful perspective. You can either read daily for your entertainment, or you may choose to learn something as well. ¬†Like many others, you may also consider viewing several articles in video format here. My continued thanks go out to all who have left many kind and uplifting comments. It is my desire to increase happiness and resourcefulness in as many ways as possible.


  1. Hi George. I liked your take on Chris’ book. Thanks for sharing the love. Great job, too! Did you know he was the first to call them “The Five Tibetans”? He still does them every morning. He’s 56, and very flexible and fit. So, they really do work!

  2. Hi George,

    Saw some of your articles on ezinearticles and have had a look through your site. Good stuff!

    Can I please introduce you to my own article site http://www.holistichealtharticles.com. It’s a new site and is for authors in the holistic/natural medicine and wellness field only.

    It would be great if you could post some of your excellent work there and obviously link back to your site. I’m more than happy to add new categories if the current ones are insufficient.

    One thing that may interest you as an experienced article writer: I have added the capability to include videos for all articles as well as for the author details. I strongly believe that this facility will greatly increase the rate of readers clicking through to your site. As far as I am aware, no other article directory includes this facility.

    As I said, the site is new, so it can only get bigger and better! I hope that you will want to be part of it.

    Thanks – Richard Rutherford

  3. I stumbled across your site after I was given a $20 bill from a local bank. Someone had stamped ” reality is mass hypnosis ” across it…. I then goggled cash with reality is mass hypnosis on it, and I found your site….Not that you had anything to do with the cash, just that I liked your web site………keep up the good work…..Larry

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