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Radiate Real Authority

How To Imply Massive Authority

One of the most groundbreaking studies in psychology is the famous Milgram experiment.

It’s been repeated several times, all with the same results.

There was a guy in a white lab coat, posing as a researcher.

There was a guy behind a class window, posing as a test subject.

Then there was the guy or gal who was supposed to give electric shocks to the guy behind the glass.

The supposed study, as told to the poor dude giving the shocks, was that it was some kind of new memory technique.

For every wrong answer, the guy behind the glass got a shock.

But the REAL study was to see HOW HIGH of a shock a person would deliver.

The shocks were actually fake.

And the guy screaming in pain was only pretending.

The results were horrifying.

Most people gave enough shocks to kill somebody, had they been real.

The guy behind the glass even pretended to have a heart attack.

But the test subjects kept shocking away.

All because lab-coat guy said it was OK.

The study was cooked up soon after WWII ended.

Everybody was curious how a country like Germany could go crazy and let a bunch of Nazis kill millions of people.

Turns out that we humans have a bunch of switches in our brains.

And if you know to flip those switches, you can get people to do ANYTHING.

In that particular study, they were leveraging the AUTHORITY switch.

Most people turn off their brains when a scientist in a lab coat tells them it’s OK to shock somebody.

Of course, these switches are neutral.

They are neither bad nor good.

They are like the proverbial driver who can either drive a getaway car or an ambulance.

If you use these switches for good, you can get people to do things that benefit EVERYBODY.

How many of these switches are there?


Advertisers have been using them for a long time.

To get us to buy all kinds of stuff.

Many dating techniques are based on them.

But one thing most people DON’T know is how to COMBINE them with the Milton Model.

The patterns of conversational hypnosis.

It cost a lot of money to set up that experiment.

It’s kind of like a con in the movies.

You need a lot of actors (a guy playing a scientist, a guy playing the dude getting shocked, etc.) and you need to create the situation.

But with the Milton Model, you can hypnotically imply ALL of these switches.

Which means just by having a conversation, you can conjure up all kinds of authority.

Or any of the other seven laws.

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Seven Laws

Conquer The Wasteland Of Their Mind

Ditch The Purple Neon Jacket

Little kids are perfect learners.

So perfect in fact that they learn EVERYTHING.

Not just the good stuff.

If you’ve got kids, you know how hard it is to keep them from learning the stuff you DON’T want them to learn.

Stuff that you or your friends (or maybe their older sisters or brothers) do in “secret.”

“I don’t want him to pick up any bad habits” is a common worry among parents.

Being a kid is different than being an adult.

If you are a kid, you can pretty much try ANYTHING, without getting into too much trouble.

Personally, I carried that idea as far as I could.

When I was in high school, my “go to” line when I got into trouble was:

“I thought it was OK?”

But as we move into adulthood, we need to CHOOSE our actions with more foresight.

At least that’s the theory.

We can’t just act and hope for the best.

The sad thing is because we’ve all gone through the mind numbing educational system, we’ve forgotten how we learn naturally.

Which is to model.

Copy the behaviors we want to learn.

However, we DO do this without realizing it.

We STILL pick up behaviors from others, without really knowing.

And every time you learn something from a YouTube instructional video, you’re essentially modeling the person on YouTube.

(At least if you’re following along and not just watching.)

But most people VASTLY underutilize this natural learning skill.

Especially in social situations.

A simple way to model somebody in social situations is to find somebody that does something YOU want to be able to do.

And as you watch them, mentally imagine it’s YOU doing that thing.

You can also model historical figures.

That’s the cool thing about modeling.

Since we’re doing it thoughtfully, as adults, and not mindlessly and automatically, like kids, we can pick and choose the traits we want to copy.

Kind of like if you’d model somebody who has really POWERFUL social skills, but really HORRIBLE taste in clothing.

If he’s wearing a purple jacket with a flashing neon sign on the back, you DON’T have to copy that part.

Only the part you want.

And when it comes to copying certain social behaviors, there is a class of people that are FAR ABOVE everybody else.

If you can do what THEY DO, and apply it to “regular” life, you can CLEAN UP.

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Cult Leader

Dig Below The Surface

Social Circle of Lovers

They say you can’t make a second first impression.

This is sort of true, but like a lot of these “truisms” there’s a lot more than a clever saying.

The idea is based on a couple of other very general ideas.

One is that most of our communication is unconscious.

Body language, voice tonality, facial expressions.

It’s pretty easy to scan a room and find out who’s confident and relaxed, and who is nervous and closed off.

The second is that people form an opinion within a few seconds.

The idea then, is because that opinion is formed early, AND it’s done based on unconscious communication, then the image we project will be pretty consistent.

Our unconscious communication is the sum total of our beliefs, ideas about ourselves and the world, etc.

And because our beliefs don’t usually change by very much, then our unconscious communication, the energy we are always projecting, won’t change much.

But one thing that CAN change is HOW we use our verbal communication.

Most people use an “outside-in” type of communication.

Whenever we talk to others, we try and take OUR ideas out of OUR heads, and then put them into THEIR heads.

This comes across as us telling stories or anecdotes.

But it’s especially true when we have an idea of how we want the other person to respond.

Which is almost ALWAYS the case.

Even if the conversation is initiated by somebody else, everything we say comes with a desired outcome.

Sometimes that outcome might be to answer their question as easily and politely as possible, so they will leave us alone.

But when we do the approaching, or the initiating, we usually have a very clear idea of what we want to happen as a result.

And so long as we use the “outside-in” communication style, that “you can’t make a second first impression” usually holds true.

But it won’t be true if you flip the switch.

And instead of using an “outside-in” style (trying to put your ideas into their mind) you use an “inside-out” style.

This is where you ask them simple questions, and get them talking about things they like.

Most people aren’t expecting that.

Most people are expecting an “outside-in” style.

And that comes with a lot of assumptions.

But because speaking to them in an “inside-out” style is way different than they expect, they’ll soon learn that their impression was VERY incorrect.

Simply because people LOVE to talk about the things they like.

But when you take it even further, and continue talking to them that gets them feeling REALLY good, then you will do something pretty cool.

You will leave SUCH an amazing impression on them, they’ll NEVER be able to forget you.

So if you don’t even have any intentions other than making them feel really good, you will slowly be filling your social circle (or business contacts) with people who think you are AWESOME.

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Secret Agent Persuasion

DNA of Success

Cut Through Their Social Anxiety

Most people have a certain amount of social anxiety.

Meaning that few people feel entirely comfortable around others.

If you define “total comfort” as how you feel when you are alone, and can say and do anything without worrying, then EVERYBODY has a form of “social anxiety.”

Everybody has things they feel comfortable saying and doing when they are alone, that they would NEVER do around others.

For example, have you ever been “caught” signing in the car?

You’re favorite tune is on, your belting it out along with the band, but then you glance around and somebody right next to you is watching you.

Few people would continue EXACTLY as they were before they were “caught.”

Even if you smile to yourself and change your volume, even slightly, you are responding because of social anxiety.

Sure, it may be perfectly acceptable social anxiety, but the structure is the same.

It’s also that same that keeps us from fully expressing ourselves the way we want.

Any time you have an idea in your head, and you imagine expressing it a certain way, but it comes out “differently” the inhibiting factor is social anxiety.

Social = You are around other people

Anxiety = An uncomfortable feeling of worry

Just that when people say, “I have social anxiety,” we assume they mean debilitating levels.

Like they can’t even go outside, or they vomit when they think of talking to attractive people.

But the truth is that EVERYBODY has anxiety of SOME level, whenever thinking about behaving socially.

It’s human nature.

Which is a good place to start from when intending to persuade anybody.


Because in order to persuade somebody, you have to put things in terms that they can understand.

(Unless you are using the, “do it my way or else” strategy).

Which means they have to be COMFORTALBE sharing with you something about what they want.

But most people, when you ask them, “What do you want?” aren’t going to feel comfortable telling you.

Even people who have been in intimate relationships have trouble telling each other what they want.

Luckily, there is a very EASY way to get them thinking about what they want.

A simple question process, which when used correctly, doesn’t even require that they speak.

Which means you can get deep inside their mind, and find their most treasured desires.

And since they’ll feel comfortable thinking and talking about those deepest desires with YOU, they’ll start to subconsciously associate those two things.

Their deepest desires and you.

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Secret Agent Persuasion

Get Your Game Tight

Haphazard Seduction Patterns

Most people think that men and women are attracted to different things because men are visual but women are not.

This is only partially true.

It IS true that men and women are attracted to different things, but the “visual” part is not the whole story.

Men are attracted VERY QUICKLY. And that which makes us attracted is available to use visually.

Women, on the other hand, become attracted more slowly. And that which makes them attracted comes in through MORE sensory organs (sight, sound, hearing).

But that doesn’t mean they are less visual.

For example, she can tell VISUALLY from across the room whether you are confident or not.

How you move, your posture, etc.

But that’s not ENOUGH to make her physically and sexually attracted to you.

She needs to feel a lot of emotions in the right order.

Most guys try to create these emotions haphazardly.

They go the old school way, flowers, nice dates, etc.

Or they try “game.” Push pull, cocky funny, etc.

These CAN work, but they can also backfire.

It would be like trying to bake a cake blindfolded, only knowing that there is some mixing and cooking in there somewhere.

Most people don’t know WHY cocky and funny works, or WHY push-pull works.

Luckily, there is a much more efficient way.

One where you can create the right emotions in the right order.

This would be like baking a cake without the blindfold, with a step by step recipe.

Once you got the right recipe down, you can bake as many cakes as you want.

Over and over and over and over and over.

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Hypnotic Seduction

Healing Energy

What Is The Meaning Of You?

What does “meaning” mean?

It’s a squishy concept.

It’s worse because some meanings are “easier” to accept than others.

Just like some food is “easier” to eat than others.

For example, if you’re hungry, there’s a couple things to consider.

One is how “easily” you can get the food.

Another is how “good” it will taste.

A third is how “healthy” the food is.

But since the “healthy-ness” of the food is not dependent on ONE single meal, it’s easy to dismiss.

So let’s say that in our hypothetical example, “healthy-ness” is a concern, but not a very big one.

So we’ve got two choices.

A big juicy cheeseburger (or your favorite fast food) which can be in your hands in less then five minutes.

OR you could go the grocery store, buy the ingredients, and cook something that’s as tasty, and a little bit healthier.

The cheeseburger is the EASIER choice.

But it’s also pretty clear that there is a better choice, that is also MORE DIFFICULT.

It’s the same with meaning.

The meaning we give to events when there is no way to really KNOW what the meaning is.

You smile at somebody and they don’t smile back.

What does that “mean?”

The EASY meaning is that they aren’t interested or attracted to you.

It doesn’t require a lot of brainpower. (Like eating the cheeseburger doesn’t require a lot of cooking power).

But could there be a BETTER meaning?

Unless you are going to go ask them, (and prove yourself right or wrong) why not?

If eating certain foods can (even though it’s a bit more difficult) keep us healthier, and even ALIVE longer, what about thinking specific thoughts?

Choosing specific, or at least, more helpful meanings.

Certainly, it’s not easy, it’s not automatic, and it takes effort.

Just like choosing healthy food to put in our body isn’t easy, isn’t automatic, and takes effort.

But the benefits are enormous.

Health, long life, more happiness, better sleep, better (more) sex.

What is the MOST IMPORTANT meaning you can choose for your ENTIRE LIFE?

The meaning you apply to yourself.

This is the “meaning” you project to the world, all the time.

The meaning YOU give to yourself will impact every decision, every relationship, and ever act you make.

Sadly, most of us have meanings that were GIVEN to them by others.

And we just accepted them.

But we don’t need to.

We can shrug them off, and choose different meanings.

It’s not easy, it’s not automatic, and it takes effort.

But it very well could be the MOST IMPORTANT decision you ever make.

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Stop Manipulation

Magic Fantasy Land

How To Leverage Ancient Human Desire

Once upon a time, humans had very little.

It was us and all the other animals.

Eventually, some clever caveman figured out how to sharpen a rock.

Another caveman figured out how sling that rock through the air.

And through this “action at a distance,” they could hunt much more effectively.

The next greatest discovery was the idea of growing stuff to eat, rather than chasing stuff.

Unless you’re stuck in a horror movie, plants don’t tend to fight back when you try to eat them.

AND if you plant them the right way, they’ll keep giving you food every year.

The next greatest invention?

There were a lot of small ones, but the one that REALLY made society explode was the idea of “potential stuff.”

Up until this “potential stuff” was discovered, people had to trade what they had for what they wanted.

For example, if you wanted a burrito, and all you had was a sack of horseshoes, you’d have to find somebody that both WANTED a sack of horseshoes AND had a burrito, preferably one that wasn’t too old and moldy.

Since trading a sack of horseshoes for a burrito was pretty difficult, they needed a “placeholder” for the horseshoes.

Something the guy could trade the horseshoes for, and keep, and then give those same things to the guy who had the burrito.

What was this invention?

This “potential stuff?”

This “placeholder?”

Money, of course!

Once people could trade their stuff for money and keep money, they could live a lot more relaxed.

This same process exists today, even though the chain of money from us to the makers of whatever we are buying is extremely tedious.

AND that nearly everything we buy is made from TONS of people. Just think of all the people involved in the production of the device you are now reading this on.

The engineers, the designers, the advertisers and marketers, all the scientists from hundreds of years ago that discovered the principles upon which this device is based.

Even the first dudes who invented written language are involved.

Every single “trade” from the dawn of time to the time you bought this device and everything you’ll buy today, involve the same process.

We want what we DON’T have MORE than what we are giving in exchange.

Every single time somebody trades something, whether it’s a few hundred dollars for a wired device, to kids trading baseball cards, the process is the same.

And the GREAT NEWS is that what they WANT is based on THEIR own subjective values.

Why is this great news?

Because subjective values are EASY to INCREASE.

And if you can INCREASE DESIRE for whatever you have, (or even for you) you will also increase the chances of them taking whatever action you want them to take, to satisfy that desire.

How, exactly, do you do that?

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Hypnotic Sales

Surrender To Your Inner Alien

The Pavlovian Energy Pattern

If you accidentally wore your shirt inside out, you’d feel pretty silly.

On the other hand, some clothes are purposely made so they can be reversed.

But the funny thing is that there really isn’t any law against wearing your shirt inside out.

It still works as a shirt. It’s probably the same color.

It just looks a little different.

Most people wouldn’t even notice unless you told them.

But most of us would be terrified if we did this by accident.

Because that’s not the way we are “supposed” to wear our clothes.

That’s one of the problems with us humans.

We think that once it’s been established that we are “supposed” to do things a certain way, that’s the way we do them.

Even if they are doing construction and you have to take a different route to work, it may feel strange.

But if you ONLY do what you ALWAYS do, you’ll ALWAYS get what you have ALWAYS got.

It’s seem obvious, on one hand, that if you want DIFFERENT results (or anything different in your life) you’ve got to DO something different.

One way to carefully break out of ANY rut is to NOT use things they way they are SUPPOSED to be used.

Maybe wear a pair of socks that don’t match.

Or get colored contacts and put a different color in each eye.

If only to PROVE if you do something “different,” the world won’t come crashing down.

After all, if you want to get some SPECTACULAR results, you’ll need to do things WAAAAAY differently than you have been.

If you want to eat something different, you’ve got to cook something different.

One of the most POWERFUL ways to use something different that what you are SUPPOSED to do is how you use your sexual energy.

If you know ANYTHING about NLP, then you know about anchoring.

That thing Pavlov did with his dogs.

He took their natural response to a natural stimuli (salivating to food) and CHANGED how it worked.

You can do the same with your sexual energy.

And since it’s usually in abundance, you can leverage it in MANY different ways.

Learn How:

Sex Transmutation

Fantasy Money Land

Your Internal Fusion Reactor

Scientists have been trying to find self-sustaining fusion for a long time.

Currently, all nuclear energy comes from fission.

Splitting a Uranium atom in half and getting a lot of energy.

That energy is used to boil water which turns turbines which generates electricity.

Fusion is much safer than fission.

Fission creates accidents like Chernobyl and Fukushima.

Fusion is what powers all of the stars, (including the sun) and subsequently all life on Earth.

On a personal level, we all require energy with every movement.

We store energy, burn energy and consume energy.

You might describe us biologically as “energy pumps.”

Every take we take in (eat) energy and expend (move) energy.

We continuously pump energy in and out.

But just like fusion, we too have access to a virtually unlimited energy source.

Those who have tapped this have created great empires.

Manifested great works of art.

And solved scientific riddles to cure diseases and extend the length of our lives.

What is this virtually unlimited energy source?

It is only a thought away.

But it is so well hidden we RARELY recognize it.

We don’t like to talk about it.

Some of us have even been conditioned to feel guilty when we think about it.

But it is always there.

Napoleon Hill recognized it in the great leaders and empire builders he studied.

He also noted its misuse among the most poor that he studied.

How you use it is up to you.

But you do have it.

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Sex Transmutation

It Sees All - It Knows All

Unlock Life’s Puzzles

I remember back in college my roommate had one of those 3D books.

The kind that looked like some abstract picture, but if you stared at it, you could see some 3D object.

It took me a while (longer than most) but when I “got it” it was pretty cool.

And once you “got it” on one picture, you could “get it’ on a lot of other pictures.

Optical illusions are cool because they leverage one of our “shortcuts” in thinking.

Because it takes a lot of brain processor time to look at EVERYTHING every single time, our brain has a kind of “cache” memory.

Scientists believe that up to forty percent of what we see isn’t what we’re REALLY seeing.

It’s what we’re ASSUMING based on that “cache.”

So when we look at an optical illusion, something that is PURPOSELY drawn differently in some way, it kind of sends our brain into a loop.

Like in Excel or any other spreadsheet program where you try and “divide by zero.”

These can be fun, but they can also cause problems.

Like when we’re trying to do something IMPORTANT (not look at some goofy picture) and we keep getting mistakes.

One of the problems with our brains is we tend to generalize quite a bit.

We also distort and delete.

If we had to process EVERY SINGLE THING outside of our senses, we’d go insane.

In order to keep up, we’ve got to “perceive” the bare minimum.

But if we’re getting the bare minimum wrong (which is pretty easy considering the small sliver of stuff we perceive compared to what is actually there) it can be maddening.

Of course “wrong” is purely subjective.

Imagine if you were trying to drive a car, and you perceived the world as if it were an optical illusion, like those stairs that go all over the place!

(It’d be like the movie, “Inception!”)

Luckily, once you recalibrate what’s out there, and more importantly the part that will help you get where you want to go, it’s pretty easy.

Kind of like those optical illusion puzzles.

Once you “get” one of them, you can “get” all of them.

And once you figure out how to “get” one thing you want, you can use the same strategy for everything else.

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End Self Sabotage