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Three Hour Orgasm

Three Hour Orgasm Language Pattern

There are a lot of powerful patterns from covert hypnosis that are unfortunately treated like gimmicks.

One of these is the famous “quotes pattern.”

This is when you quote somebody else, but when you are quoting the “other person” you’re looking at somebody and saying the same thing to them.

For example, let’s say you wanted to insult your boss without getting in trouble.

So you come in to work, and he sees you and asks how you are.

You look at him and say:

“Not good. I was on my way in and this really smelly homeless guy got in my face, looked right at me and said, ‘You’re an idiot and I don’t respect you!’ Do you believe that?”

Of course, when you say the, “you’re an idiot and I don’t respect you” part, you look at your boss and really mean it from you to him.

Guys also use this technique with women.

They’ll look at her, quote their “friend” and tell the women the same pick up line their “friend” uses to pick up girls.

For example, they say something like this:

“See that guy over there in the yellow shirt? He’s really crazy. He’ll walk up to a girl he doesn’t know, look at her and say, ‘You’re really beautiful. I’d love to give you a three hour orgasm!’ Do you believe that?”

Now, this works but not how most people think.

It won’t work to CREATE feelings, but it’s a great way to TEST for feelings.

Meaning if you’ve already been talking to her for an hour or so, and you want to CHECK whether she is READY, that pattern will do the trick. But you have to pay attention to how she responds.

If she giggles or smiles, she’s good to go!

(On the other hand, if she vomits in her mouth, you might want to choose somebody else!)

This is also how salespeople “test close” their customers.

They throw out a quotes patterns, (about another salesperson who looks at the customer and says, Buy Now!) and see how the customer responds.

But what if you want to actually CREATE the buying desire (or going home for three hour orgasm desire)?

You use the same basic principle, but you’ve got to take your time.

Instead of just using one quote, use several.

And put them in a whole bunch of nested stories.

AND add in things like spatial anchors, embedded commands, tactically chosen pauses, and a two or three minute story can be VERY POWERFUL.

Even if you’re not selling or seducing, it’s a GREAT party trick that will make your listeners FEEL FANTASTIC.

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