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Get Girls To Like You

How do you get a girl to like you?

One of the most common questions since the dawn of time.

Unfortunately, it kind of misses the mark.

If you want to get a good answer, you need to ask the right question.

Imagine if you had a dinner party. You invited a bunch of people over.

You’d already cooked the food, but you were worried they weren’t going to like it.

So you called your friend who was a part time chef, and asked them:

“How do you get somebody to like what you’ve cooked?”

They would probably say, “they’ll either like or they won’t.”

Same thing with girls. If you’re ALREADY asking how to get A girl to like you, it’s too late.

Because she’s probably already made up her mind.

So, what’s a better question?

How do get GIRLS to like you.

Because girls are humans. And they are hard wired to like certain traits in guys.

Traits that guys exhibit whether they know it or not.

And usually traits that most girls don’t fully understand.

They just know that they like some guys, but not others.

How do you become the first category? The guys they naturally like?

First you have to understand what it is.

Then you have to practice it until it becomes second nature.

Then you’ll never need to worry about girls again.


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