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Third Chakra

Move through life with power. Consider the opinions and judgements of others while maintaining the complete freedom to disregard them at will. Spin your mind in new and directions for incredibly insightful creativity. Have a supreme autonomy of will to resist even the strongest of temptations.

All this can be yours when you accept the power of the Third Chakra. The Third Chakra, known in some circles as manipura, is centered just below the sternum at the solar plexus. The color is yellow. The Third Chakra is responsible for mainting emotional stability, individuality, and creativity. And because you are naturally capable of being able to tap this source, you can begin to imagine the power that will come when manipura is your ally. Ask yourself the following questions before you begin your meditation. Keep in mind that you don’t need to find answers right away, simply because you are able to honestly ask these questions of yourself and to remain open to answers in whatever form, you will receive benefit.

Who are you?
Who are you before you ask this?
Before you were born, who were you?
Who are you that answers this question?
What if?
How can project safety and calm the emotions of others simply by being near?
What else is there?
Are you?

Breath deeply, in, out. In. Out. Imagine a small ball of bright yellow light emerge just where your stomach meets your ribs. Slowly. In. Out. Breath in the source emotional energy with your inhale, and as you hold it for a brief moment, allow it to charge the yellow ball. As you exhale slowly, allow the yellow ball to slightly increase in size. Slowly. In. Out.  Repeat this process until the yellow ball is surrounding you.  Protecting you. Keeping you safe and separate. Your own thoughts. Your own beliefs. Your emotions obeying your wishes. Sit inside this ball for seven long, slow breaths. That’s right. In. Out. Allow the yellow ball to slowly shrink down, until it returns into your solar plexus.

How does that feel now, knowing that you have such incredible power and safety and strenth,  Just below your heart, ready for you whenever you need it? When you walk through the world now, what will people see in you that is different? What will people see in you that they are now naturally drawn to because of your subtle yet powerful increase in strength? How many ways can you think of to connect with them?


Sacral Chakra

Automatically turn heads when you walk into a room. Maintain such incredible self confidence that you feel comfortable enough to speak your truth without any worries whatsoever of potential responses.  Become irresistibly attractive to members of the opposite sex with only glance and a slight smile. All this will happen naturally for you as you tap the powerof the Sacral Chakra.

The Sacral Chakra is the second Chakra. If you haven’t read the overview on Chakras, you might want to consider it before you continue, or you can choose to read it later.

The Sacral Chakra can be the most powerful and the most widely understood Chakra, because it is concerned with sexual energy. Unfortunately in today’s modern society, sexual energy is a topic that is shrouded in unresourceful mythology. Before you begin to experience the powerthat is available from the Sacral Chakra, it helps to be able to release any limiting beliefs you may have about your sexuality. If you grew up in western society, you might have been taught from a young age that sexuality is something to be kept secret, and sometimes even feel ashamed about. Nothing is further from the truth. A healthy appreciation for ones sexuality and sexual energies is one of the most fantastic sources of power available. Napoleon Hill devoted a whole chapter to sexual energy in his timeless classic “Think and Grow Rich.”

To begin the meditation, sit quietly, and ask yourself the following questions. It’s not important to come up with clear answers, just trust that as your mind searches for them, it will present you with solutions when you are ready.

How many things are wonderful about my sexuality?
When do I feel sexually powerful?
When do I feel emotionally centered and safe?
How can I feel trusting enough to truly express myself?
How can I express my truth powerfully and congruently?

Breath slowly. In. Out. In. Out.  Imagine a bright orange ball beginning to form in your sexual center. As you breath slowly, allow the ball to fill with positive energy.  As you breath in, imagine the energy coming in to your lungs from the infinite abundance and hold it slightly when your lungs are full. As you hold it, imagine the energy being transferred from your breath to your sexual center. As you exhale slowly, imagine the orange ball of energy expanding slightly. Take your time. Keep breathing slowly, until the orange ball is just slightly bigger than you, so it completely surrounds you. Take seven slow, even, steady breaths while in the pure sexual energy of this emotionally protective orange ball. After seven breaths, slowly shrink the ball back down, until all the energy that you transferred from the infinite abundance of the universe, to your breath, is now concentrated in your sexual center.

How does that feel, now, to be able to carry with you not only incredible sexual power and acceptance, but complete emotional safety and freedom? Good? Good.

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Tap into the Ancient Power of the Chakras for Immediate Benefit

How would you like to know a secret strategy used by the ancients to easily and effortlessly manifest your desires at will? Imagine what you could accomplish if you could learn a simple daily meditative practice that will give you an edge as you move through life with grace and skill.  Imagine being able to tap into an abundant wellspring of charisma, social poise, and powerful communication abilities. Is that something where you can realize the benefit? Is this something you might be able to find useful? Although it will require a scarce few minutes of your time every day, it will help to learn a bit of background first. Ready?

What I’m talking about is the power of your chakras. Chakra means ‘wheel’ in ancient Sanskrit. They are are tiny vortexes of energy throughout your body that once harnessed, can give you tremendous power. In this article, I will present a basic overview of the chakras. In subsequent writings, I will explain each one in detail, and give you a specific meditative practice that you can easily customize to your own life and desires.

Everybody has seven chakras, and each has a specific function. When a specific chakra is healthy or ‘open,’ you will experience ease and abundance in that particular area of life. Following is a brief overview of each.

The first, or Root Chakra, is located at the base of the spine. This chakra is associated with physical safety. Food, shelter, and physical health.  The associated color is red. When this chakra is open, you will feel completely safe on a physical and material level.

Next is the Spleen Chakra,and is located beneath your naval. This chakra is associated with sexual expression, reproduction, and rejuvenation. The associated color is orange. When this chakra is open, you will easily be able to express and accept yourself as a sexual person.

Third is the Solar Plexus Chakra, and is located at the solar plexus. This chakra is associated with creativity. The associated color is orange. When this chakra is open you will easily be able to think of new ideas and be able to resourcefully solve problems in creative ways.

Fourth is the Heart Chakra, and is located in the middle of your chest. This chakra is assoicated with compassion and empathy. The associated color is green. When this chakra is open, you will naturally be able to emphathize with others and to understand others’ points of view.

Fifth is the Throat Chakra, and is located in your throat. This chakra is associated with communication. The associated color is blue. When this chakra is open, you will be able to communicate powefully with others and be able to express yourself with authority.

Sixth is the Third Eye Chakra, and is located just between and above your eyes. This chakra is associated with intuition, and can be a powerful doorway to your higher self. The associated color is indigo. When this chakra is open you will develop keen intuition about yourself, others, and the future.

Seventh is the Crown Chakra, and is located at the top most point on your head. This chakra is associated with a host of good metaphysical stuff, including new beginnings, connection to the divine and the superconscious. The associated color is purple, or white. When this chakra is open, you can develop a deep sense of knowing, and sometimes be able to feel a deep connection with the infinite.

So now that you have a basic understanding of the chakra’s and their importance, you can naturally imagine what you can do when you begin to harness their power. Be sure to check back often, as I will be adding more articles on specific ways to open your chakras for greater benefit. And because you now have an understanding of this and how you can benefit, please share this with others so that they, like you, can also use it to improve their lives.