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Root Chakra

Naturally and powerfully develop unshakeable self esteem. Generate the ability to quickly and easily manifest material abundance.  Perpetuate a rock solid sense of self while maintaining a healthy respect for the choices and decisions of others. Create and maintain a supportive set of beliefs  that allow you to easily design and live the life you want. Sound good? It all becomes possible as you realize the power that resides in you Root Chakra.

As mentioned before, the Root Chakra is responsible for security, material survival, and issues of self. Before you begin a meditationon the Root Chakra, it helps to ask yourself some powerful questions related to these issues.

What issues do you have concerning safety? How do you feel when you know, really know, that you are completely safe?  When you feel that safety, where in your body do you feel it? Some feel a warm feeling in their chest, others feel a tingling around the scalp. Whatever you feel,  is perfect.

What concerns do you have regarding safety?  Do you occasionally feel anxiety with respect to personal safety? What situations can sometimes cause these feelings? If you were to go to sleep tonight, and a miracle happened that would make these problems vanish, how would you know? What would you see when you woke up that would let you know that all those old feelings of anxiety were gone? What you you hear that would confirm that you are indeed perfectly safe? What feelings would you feel? Where would they be in your body? Your chest, stomach, throat? Anything is fine.

What do you believe about yourself? What do you believe is possible? What would you like to believe about yourself? What would you like to believe is possible? What do you believe is natural for you to do? What would you like to believe is natural for you to do? If you have a role model, real or imaginary, what do they believe is possible? What would happen if you were to borrow their beliefs? Would you keep them if you liked them?

Take these self affirming beliefs, and these feelings of safety. It’s ok if you can’t feel them as being overwhelmingly strong.  Now hold those feelings, however they are, and imagine a bright red color. As you sit there, feeling those feelings, and imagining those positive beliefs swirling around your mind, in just that way, that’s right, for you, imagine that bright red color. Like the color of fresh cool apple. Or a bright fire engine. Or the color of a red valentines day heart you used to get in elementary school. Take a slow deep breath, and hold it for a moment. As you hold it, imagine a bright red ball of light glowing at the base of your spine. As you exhale, imagine the bright red ball of light expand just a little bit, and as it expands, it fills up with those feelings of safety and those self affirming beliefs.

Take several long, slow breaths like this. Breath in. Hold it. Expand that sphere of red color. As that red sphere, whose center is the base of your spine, expands, it naturally fills with stronger and stonger feelings of safety and self affirming and empowering beliefs. Breath in, hold it, breath out slowly. Sit with that sphere until it is completely surrounding you. Feel its presence. Feel it’s power.  When it gets just big enough to surround you completely, keep its size the same for seven really long, really slow breaths. In, hold, out. After seven breaths, slowly allow it to shrink back down until it disappears back into the base of your spine, so you can carry it with you wherever you go.

How does that feel now to be able to carry that powerful ball of safety and positive beliefs around with you wherever you go?

Please be sure to check back often, as I will update this site daily. And be sure to tell your friends, so they too, can begin to realize their power,  just like you are easily able to realize yours.