Wow Woman Want You

How To Ditch Scarcity For Good

What’s your biggest issue with women?

Most people come up with something right away.

Not enough quality women.

I don’t know what to say.

I don’t have the right clothing.

I’m too….(whatever).

But in reality, that’s not the real issue.

This is common among ALL human “issues.”

Therapists have known for centuries that when people show up, the first thing they say as the “problem” is never the problem.

When married couples fight about the toilet seat, it’s never really about the toilet seat.

So, back to women.

What’s the ONE THING that would make EVERYTHING easier?


Meaning have ZERO FEAR.

Just imagine this for a moment, for the sake of argument.

Imagine being able to walk up to any girl, anywhere, any time, and talk to her like you’ve known her for years.

Any feelings of “scarcity” would disappear.

Most guys, when they get ANY kind of positive response from a woman, they hang on for dear life.

Because it’s so rare.

But if you literally have ZERO FEAR?

You can talk to any girl any time without worry.

If she shows even a HINT of trouble, eject and find somebody better.

The cool thing is she’ll SENSE this.

Just like girls can sense it when you’re hanging on for dear life.

But when you have ZERO fear?

You’ll never worry again.

Just the act of going outside to meet girls is EASIER than trying to figure out what the heck she mean by that text.

Very few men are like this.

Most men operate from a scarcity mindset.

And women know this.

Which is exactly why they act the way they do.

They can get away with it.

But, since a ZERO FEAR man with ZERO scarcity is so rare to them, they will always be on their best behavior.

Learn How:

Zero Fear Game