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Rid Yourself of Approach Anxiety

Humans and chimps share 98% of our DNA.

It’s believed that humans and chimps split apart six million years ago.

Plenty of studies have shown that when you stick a few people in an unknown situation, we’ll organize according to a hierarchy.

What hierarchy?

It’s one thing we humans know how to do instinctively.

No language needed.

We just kind of look around, and figure out who’s “most likely” to be a good “leader.”

It’s usually the guy (or sometimes the gal) who seems to know what’s what.

Who has the look that he’s got everything (or he knows he will have everything) under control.

Nobody needs to teach us how to do this.

When they study chimps, they find there is a strong correlation between social status and sex.

It’s almost like each generation is a “social status contest,” with the winner being the one who sends his DNA into the future the most.

When girls go out looking to meet guys, you better believe they are also using this same instinct.

To see who’s “in charge” and who isn’t.

Females seem to be MUCH BETTER at this than guys are.

They can quickly scan a room, and find out who’s confident, and who’s not.

Who’s nervous, and who’s not.

This is why it feels (or can feel) so “on the spot” when you approach.

So by the time you walk over there, no matter WHAT you say, she will have ALREADY come to a few conclusions about you.

And as I’m sure you know, first impressions are HARD to change.

So why not make a good one?

Make SUCH a good impression so that no matter WHAT you say to her, it will work to IMPROVE your attraction.

How do you do that?

Remove all that junk in your mind.

That internal chatter that makes it seem like YOU need to present yourself to HER for approval, instead of the other way around.

After all, YOU are the one who is sending your DNA into the future (at least that’s what your genes think!)

Ditch the unhelpful beliefs, and claim your true power.

Learn How:

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