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Mountain Climbing

How To Easily Redefine Yourself

There are a lot of “truisms” that pretty much everybody knows.

But at the same time, these same “truisms” are rarely experienced by anybody.

We hear them all the time, and we see people say them with conviction.

This gives us kind of a “fake” knowing that they are true.

For example, few people would argue that there’s no air on the moon.

We’ve seen pictures of guys in spacesuits, and we can sort of imagine that without any “atmosphere” there’d be no air to breathe.

But suddenly finding ourselves on the moon and gasping for breath would be a completely different experience.

Right now, when somebody says, “there’s no air on the moon,” we nod and agree.

But if we had the EXPERIENCE of not being able to breathe on the moon, we would respond COMPLETELY differently to the same statement.

This is the difference between “hearing” those truisms over and over and thinking that we “believe” them and actually experiencing them.

One of these famous “truisms” is that “most of our fears or false.”

Or somebody famous once saying, “My biggest fears in life have never happened.”

While we would all AGREE that our biggest fears are “false” very few of us have any experiencing PROVING this “fact.”

But anybody that has been in any kind of “group therapy” or to any type of “AA” meeting KNOWS this.

Part of the process is admitting some of the horrible things you’ve done.

Things you’ve kept bottled up forever.

Things you think will make people want to banish you from society.

But then you say them, and everybody looks at you passively.

Finally the leader says, “Thanks for sharing. Anybody else?”

Just like that, your biggest fear, gone.



Maybe a couple nods from a couple people, but that’s about it.

This is what happens when we tell the world who we really are.

We are TERRIFIED they will reject us.

TERRIFIED they will banish us.

But no matter HOW we “define ourselves” the response will be the same.

“Oh, OK. Cool.”

Sure, we might have to repeat ourselves a couple times to certain individuals, but that’s about it.

So, how would YOU like to DEFINE yourself?

Or RE-DEFINE yourself?

Because here’s another “truism” that is super easy to “prove”:

The world will treat YOU just like YOU treat YOU.

And YOU can treat yourself however you want.

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Healing Energy

What Is The Meaning Of You?

What does “meaning” mean?

It’s a squishy concept.

It’s worse because some meanings are “easier” to accept than others.

Just like some food is “easier” to eat than others.

For example, if you’re hungry, there’s a couple things to consider.

One is how “easily” you can get the food.

Another is how “good” it will taste.

A third is how “healthy” the food is.

But since the “healthy-ness” of the food is not dependent on ONE single meal, it’s easy to dismiss.

So let’s say that in our hypothetical example, “healthy-ness” is a concern, but not a very big one.

So we’ve got two choices.

A big juicy cheeseburger (or your favorite fast food) which can be in your hands in less then five minutes.

OR you could go the grocery store, buy the ingredients, and cook something that’s as tasty, and a little bit healthier.

The cheeseburger is the EASIER choice.

But it’s also pretty clear that there is a better choice, that is also MORE DIFFICULT.

It’s the same with meaning.

The meaning we give to events when there is no way to really KNOW what the meaning is.

You smile at somebody and they don’t smile back.

What does that “mean?”

The EASY meaning is that they aren’t interested or attracted to you.

It doesn’t require a lot of brainpower. (Like eating the cheeseburger doesn’t require a lot of cooking power).

But could there be a BETTER meaning?

Unless you are going to go ask them, (and prove yourself right or wrong) why not?

If eating certain foods can (even though it’s a bit more difficult) keep us healthier, and even ALIVE longer, what about thinking specific thoughts?

Choosing specific, or at least, more helpful meanings.

Certainly, it’s not easy, it’s not automatic, and it takes effort.

Just like choosing healthy food to put in our body isn’t easy, isn’t automatic, and takes effort.

But the benefits are enormous.

Health, long life, more happiness, better sleep, better (more) sex.

What is the MOST IMPORTANT meaning you can choose for your ENTIRE LIFE?

The meaning you apply to yourself.

This is the “meaning” you project to the world, all the time.

The meaning YOU give to yourself will impact every decision, every relationship, and ever act you make.

Sadly, most of us have meanings that were GIVEN to them by others.

And we just accepted them.

But we don’t need to.

We can shrug them off, and choose different meanings.

It’s not easy, it’s not automatic, and it takes effort.

But it very well could be the MOST IMPORTANT decision you ever make.

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End Boundary Invasions

Develop An Unbreakable Shield

My friend has a couple of kids I play with from time to time.

Usually this means me chasing them around.

Sometimes they’ll use the idea of a protective “force field” to keep me away.

We’ve never talked about it, or sat down and hammered out the specific rules of me chasing them around.

Just sometimes they stop, turn and put out both palms, and yell “Force Field!”

I don’t know where they got this from, but the unwritten rule (I’m not even sure how well they can read and write anyway) is that when they use it, I have to obey it.

Funny things is they also know you’re not supposed to use it all of the time.

But it’s something we all understand and adhere to.

The idea of a protective “force field” is pretty ubiquitous in all stories.

Whether it’s on Star Trek or an actual big defensive wall that all the characters from The Lord of the Ring hid behind in the second movie (Helm’s Deep), the idea has been around for a LONG time.

That there is the idea of “us in here” and “those people out there.”

And between “us” and “them” is this protective shield.

One of the hallmarks of their famous Roman Army was their ability to arrange their individual shields together in one indefensible wall.

Same with the Spartans.

In interpersonal communication, we talk about the idea of “frame.”

Whoever can control the “frame” is the one who controls the “meaning” of the conversation.

But much DEEPER than the idea of “frame” (which relies on consciously chosen meaning) is the idea of “sense of self.”

If you have an UNCERTAIN sense of self, it’s difficult to hold a strong frame.

Like when my friend’s kids go on attack. They can run at me with all their might, but unless they get lucky, they’ll NEVER be able to knock me over.

This is what it’s like when you have a ROCK SOLID sense of self.

No matter how powerful the other person’s “attack” is, you just stand there and look at them, waiting for them to finish.

Just like playing with little kids.

Even if they got REALLY ANGRY, and started punching my shins with fury, I wouldn’t ever worry about ME getting hurt. I would be worried about WHY they were so angry.

Similarly, in real life, when you have massive confidence, and a rock solid sense of self, you will fear NO ONE. No matter WHAT they are saying.

You’ll just look at them curiously, and wonder why they’re so agitated about whatever they are agitated about.

The FLIP SIDE of this is when YOU approach OTHERS with this same rock solid sense of self, they’ll look at YOU like little kids look at adults.

As a source of authority, protection and guidance.

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Tune Into Their Wavelength

How To Make Their Desires Sticky

When I was a kid me and my friends used to like playing with static electricity.

If you took a balloon that was filled, and rubbed it on your hair, you could pull your hair up.

For kids, it looked like some kind of magic.

There’s that saying that if science is sufficiently advanced beyond our understanding, it will look like magic.

This is in a few time travel movies, most famously “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court,” by Mark Twain.

The guy was about to be executed, but because he knew when there was going to be an eclipse, he said he was going to blot out the sun.

They believed him and he escaped.

There are plenty of other examples in stories, and history, or advanced cultures bringing scientific devices to primitive places.

One thing that seems mysterious and magical to many people is the idea of human nature.

But plenty of people have shown again and again that human behavior is much more scientific.

Perhaps we like to believe in magic, or perhaps we don’t like the idea of our actions being so predictable.

In Cialdini’s famous work, “Influence,” he demonstrated that influence is much more science than art.

And by understanding certain principles, and applying them correctly, you can get some scientifically consistent results.

One of these principles is that humans have unlimited wants and needs.

If you just sit there, your desire for oxygen will turn into a desire to get rid of carbon dioxide.

On a molecular level, your body NEVER rests.

Mentally it’s the same. We ALWAYS have unfulfilled wants.

They may be tiny, like something to drink or they may be huge, like the need to escape an alien invasion.

But they’ll always be there.

And one way to get people in a VERY GOOD mood, is to get them talking about those wants and needs.

Especially under a best case scenario.

You’ll find that building up their general desires, no matter WHAT they are, will make them “sticky.”

Just like rubbing a balloon will make IT sticky, and lift your hair up.

When you get their desires big and sticky enough, you can attach them to anything.

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Magic Fantasy Land

How To Leverage Ancient Human Desire

Once upon a time, humans had very little.

It was us and all the other animals.

Eventually, some clever caveman figured out how to sharpen a rock.

Another caveman figured out how sling that rock through the air.

And through this “action at a distance,” they could hunt much more effectively.

The next greatest discovery was the idea of growing stuff to eat, rather than chasing stuff.

Unless you’re stuck in a horror movie, plants don’t tend to fight back when you try to eat them.

AND if you plant them the right way, they’ll keep giving you food every year.

The next greatest invention?

There were a lot of small ones, but the one that REALLY made society explode was the idea of “potential stuff.”

Up until this “potential stuff” was discovered, people had to trade what they had for what they wanted.

For example, if you wanted a burrito, and all you had was a sack of horseshoes, you’d have to find somebody that both WANTED a sack of horseshoes AND had a burrito, preferably one that wasn’t too old and moldy.

Since trading a sack of horseshoes for a burrito was pretty difficult, they needed a “placeholder” for the horseshoes.

Something the guy could trade the horseshoes for, and keep, and then give those same things to the guy who had the burrito.

What was this invention?

This “potential stuff?”

This “placeholder?”

Money, of course!

Once people could trade their stuff for money and keep money, they could live a lot more relaxed.

This same process exists today, even though the chain of money from us to the makers of whatever we are buying is extremely tedious.

AND that nearly everything we buy is made from TONS of people. Just think of all the people involved in the production of the device you are now reading this on.

The engineers, the designers, the advertisers and marketers, all the scientists from hundreds of years ago that discovered the principles upon which this device is based.

Even the first dudes who invented written language are involved.

Every single “trade” from the dawn of time to the time you bought this device and everything you’ll buy today, involve the same process.

We want what we DON’T have MORE than what we are giving in exchange.

Every single time somebody trades something, whether it’s a few hundred dollars for a wired device, to kids trading baseball cards, the process is the same.

And the GREAT NEWS is that what they WANT is based on THEIR own subjective values.

Why is this great news?

Because subjective values are EASY to INCREASE.

And if you can INCREASE DESIRE for whatever you have, (or even for you) you will also increase the chances of them taking whatever action you want them to take, to satisfy that desire.

How, exactly, do you do that?

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What Do They Know?

Make Them Fall In Love With You

Many kinds of skilled labor requires you have your own tools.

And you take them with you from job to job.

Other jobs give you the tools, and the training.

As an employer, which would you rather have?

Both have their own benefits.

If somebody’s already got the skills and the tools, they can hit the ground running pretty quickly.

On the other hand, they can also bounce if a better opportunity comes up.

If you train somebody and give them the tools, they might be a little bit more motivated to stay, especially if you had them sign a contract.

Which would you rather be?

Somebody that had the skills and the tools, or somebody that needed to be trained, and be provided the tools?

It’s nice to be in the situation where somebody IS willing to train you.

The problem is that this is the situation most people find themselves in.

Hoping to BE trained, and hoping to BE provided the tools.

Which means the person hiring you can pretty much pick and choose whomever they want.

Any company that has a good training system, and a set of tools to go along with it KNOWS they can be selective.

It’s generally as good idea to come as prepared as you can.

Already having the skills, and the tools.

What kind of skills and tools?

If you’re going to be rebuilding carburetors, that’s one set of skills and tools

But there is one set of skills (and tools) which work in nearly any business.

Even in most settings.

And those are communication skills.

Not just the skills to order a burrito at a restaurant.

But the ability to talk to anybody, and build up huge desire.

A desire for you, your ideas, your product and services.

This skill can get you hired, get you dates, get you upgrades to first class, and anything else that requires the decision of another person.

While everybody else is say, “pick me! pick me!” you’ll be telling wonderful stories that will make YOUR idea the natural outcome of ANY conversation.

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Magical Fire Energy

Find Your Secret Energy Source

Many of the words we use have tons of different meanings.

Take the word “economy” for example.

When Clinton successfully beat Bush back in ’92, his slogan was, “It’s the economy, stupid!”

In this context, “economy” means the entirety of all transactions.

The implications was that he understood the “economy” was in trouble, and he was going to fix it.

People took this to mean that individuals would get better jobs, better pay, etc.

When marketers use the word “economy” they often combine it with the term, “size.”

The idea being that when you buy in bulk (economy size) your price is less per gram or unit or whatever.

Because our energy use as individuals has ALWAYS been a concern, our entire evolutionary history is based on how well we “economize.”

The more efficient we are with energy usage, the more successful we’ll be as individuals.

One of my favorite lines from Star Trek is when Scotty (the engineer who took care of the engines) was talking to an engineer from another ship.

He asked the other engineer how fast their ship would go.

He gave him an answer.

Then Scotty asked him how fast the ship would REALLY go.

And the other engineer gave Scotty the same answer.

Scotty looked puzzled, and ask if the other captain knew this information.

The other engineer nodded yes, as if it were a silly question.

Scotty looked at him and said, “Aye, laddie, never tell the captain how fast the ship will REALLY go!”

The idea being that it’s always good to have some secret energy in “reserve.”

Mother Nature had the same idea.

It seems that we humans always have more energy than we realize.

For example, you might feel pretty lazy and sluggish.

Too tired to even change the channel with the remote.

But if you suddenly saw a snake slither across the floor, you’d get a burst of energy.

Paradoxically, we always have to “economize” our energy, but we always have some in our secret reserve tank.

Luckily, our world today is FAR LESS dangerous than it was when we were created.

Which means we can use FAR MORE of our existing energy, and still have plenty in the tank.

The problem is finding it.

And then changing it into a usable source.

Luckily, that’s pretty easy.

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Energy Ball

Should You Split The Un-Splittalbe?

Once upon a time, splitting the atom was the holy grail of science.

The word “atomic” means “the most basic.”

Which means when they first called it an “atom” they thought it was the smallest possible thing.

They chose a name that meant, “the smallest possible thing.”

So the sentence, “split the atom” has a lot of significance.

It sort of means, “split the un-splittable.”

Understanding the historical concept, (creating a bomb more powerful than anybody could ever imagine) conjures up all sorts of mythology and metaphors.

Pandora’s box, for example.

Or the apple (knowledge) that the devil tricked Eve into eating.

In a very real way, it can easily be argued that there are some things that our human brains are better off not knowing.

Even used peacefully, for energy, it may turn out that splitting the atom may be much more trouble than it’s worth.

If you’re into conspiracy theories, there are stories of a giant coverup, that the Fukushima meltdown (that they are still having trouble dealing with) is going to eventually kill us all.

All of the radioactive water is being pumped into the ocean, which will eventually kill all the life, which will ultimately kill all living things on Earth.

As far as conspiracy theories go, it’s a doozy!

All because we dumb humans wanted to split the atom.

But there’s another way to use the atom.

And it creates MUCH MORE energy, and it’s much safer.

Instead of splitting the unsplittable (fission) the opposite would be to JOIN the unsplittable (fusion).

Fusion is what powers the sun, and subsequently ALL LIFE on earth.

Maybe we’re stuck in one of those disaster movies, where there’s a race against time.

We dumb humans have to discover how to harness the ultimate in cheap, clean energy (fusion) before we kill ourselves with Pandora’s Box, or Eve’s Apple.

Who would have thought such a tiny thing would cause so much problems?

You have a similar situation within yourself.

A POWERFUL energy source.

You can use it like fission, and deal with the likely consequences.

OR you can use it like FUSION, and have ultimate, clean energy that can power your human journey to levels unheard of in common life.

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Surrender To Your Inner Alien

The Pavlovian Energy Pattern

If you accidentally wore your shirt inside out, you’d feel pretty silly.

On the other hand, some clothes are purposely made so they can be reversed.

But the funny thing is that there really isn’t any law against wearing your shirt inside out.

It still works as a shirt. It’s probably the same color.

It just looks a little different.

Most people wouldn’t even notice unless you told them.

But most of us would be terrified if we did this by accident.

Because that’s not the way we are “supposed” to wear our clothes.

That’s one of the problems with us humans.

We think that once it’s been established that we are “supposed” to do things a certain way, that’s the way we do them.

Even if they are doing construction and you have to take a different route to work, it may feel strange.

But if you ONLY do what you ALWAYS do, you’ll ALWAYS get what you have ALWAYS got.

It’s seem obvious, on one hand, that if you want DIFFERENT results (or anything different in your life) you’ve got to DO something different.

One way to carefully break out of ANY rut is to NOT use things they way they are SUPPOSED to be used.

Maybe wear a pair of socks that don’t match.

Or get colored contacts and put a different color in each eye.

If only to PROVE if you do something “different,” the world won’t come crashing down.

After all, if you want to get some SPECTACULAR results, you’ll need to do things WAAAAAY differently than you have been.

If you want to eat something different, you’ve got to cook something different.

One of the most POWERFUL ways to use something different that what you are SUPPOSED to do is how you use your sexual energy.

If you know ANYTHING about NLP, then you know about anchoring.

That thing Pavlov did with his dogs.

He took their natural response to a natural stimuli (salivating to food) and CHANGED how it worked.

You can do the same with your sexual energy.

And since it’s usually in abundance, you can leverage it in MANY different ways.

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Fantasy Money Land

Your Internal Fusion Reactor

Scientists have been trying to find self-sustaining fusion for a long time.

Currently, all nuclear energy comes from fission.

Splitting a Uranium atom in half and getting a lot of energy.

That energy is used to boil water which turns turbines which generates electricity.

Fusion is much safer than fission.

Fission creates accidents like Chernobyl and Fukushima.

Fusion is what powers all of the stars, (including the sun) and subsequently all life on Earth.

On a personal level, we all require energy with every movement.

We store energy, burn energy and consume energy.

You might describe us biologically as “energy pumps.”

Every take we take in (eat) energy and expend (move) energy.

We continuously pump energy in and out.

But just like fusion, we too have access to a virtually unlimited energy source.

Those who have tapped this have created great empires.

Manifested great works of art.

And solved scientific riddles to cure diseases and extend the length of our lives.

What is this virtually unlimited energy source?

It is only a thought away.

But it is so well hidden we RARELY recognize it.

We don’t like to talk about it.

Some of us have even been conditioned to feel guilty when we think about it.

But it is always there.

Napoleon Hill recognized it in the great leaders and empire builders he studied.

He also noted its misuse among the most poor that he studied.

How you use it is up to you.

But you do have it.

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