Surrender To Your Inner Alien

The Pavlovian Energy Pattern

If you accidentally wore your shirt inside out, you’d feel pretty silly.

On the other hand, some clothes are purposely made so they can be reversed.

But the funny thing is that there really isn’t any law against wearing your shirt inside out.

It still works as a shirt. It’s probably the same color.

It just looks a little different.

Most people wouldn’t even notice unless you told them.

But most of us would be terrified if we did this by accident.

Because that’s not the way we are “supposed” to wear our clothes.

That’s one of the problems with us humans.

We think that once it’s been established that we are “supposed” to do things a certain way, that’s the way we do them.

Even if they are doing construction and you have to take a different route to work, it may feel strange.

But if you ONLY do what you ALWAYS do, you’ll ALWAYS get what you have ALWAYS got.

It’s seem obvious, on one hand, that if you want DIFFERENT results (or anything different in your life) you’ve got to DO something different.

One way to carefully break out of ANY rut is to NOT use things they way they are SUPPOSED to be used.

Maybe wear a pair of socks that don’t match.

Or get colored contacts and put a different color in each eye.

If only to PROVE if you do something “different,” the world won’t come crashing down.

After all, if you want to get some SPECTACULAR results, you’ll need to do things WAAAAAY differently than you have been.

If you want to eat something different, you’ve got to cook something different.

One of the most POWERFUL ways to use something different that what you are SUPPOSED to do is how you use your sexual energy.

If you know ANYTHING about NLP, then you know about anchoring.

That thing Pavlov did with his dogs.

He took their natural response to a natural stimuli (salivating to food) and CHANGED how it worked.

You can do the same with your sexual energy.

And since it’s usually in abundance, you can leverage it in MANY different ways.

Learn How:

Sex Transmutation