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How To Easily Redefine Yourself

There are a lot of “truisms” that pretty much everybody knows.

But at the same time, these same “truisms” are rarely experienced by anybody.

We hear them all the time, and we see people say them with conviction.

This gives us kind of a “fake” knowing that they are true.

For example, few people would argue that there’s no air on the moon.

We’ve seen pictures of guys in spacesuits, and we can sort of imagine that without any “atmosphere” there’d be no air to breathe.

But suddenly finding ourselves on the moon and gasping for breath would be a completely different experience.

Right now, when somebody says, “there’s no air on the moon,” we nod and agree.

But if we had the EXPERIENCE of not being able to breathe on the moon, we would respond COMPLETELY differently to the same statement.

This is the difference between “hearing” those truisms over and over and thinking that we “believe” them and actually experiencing them.

One of these famous “truisms” is that “most of our fears or false.”

Or somebody famous once saying, “My biggest fears in life have never happened.”

While we would all AGREE that our biggest fears are “false” very few of us have any experiencing PROVING this “fact.”

But anybody that has been in any kind of “group therapy” or to any type of “AA” meeting KNOWS this.

Part of the process is admitting some of the horrible things you’ve done.

Things you’ve kept bottled up forever.

Things you think will make people want to banish you from society.

But then you say them, and everybody looks at you passively.

Finally the leader says, “Thanks for sharing. Anybody else?”

Just like that, your biggest fear, gone.



Maybe a couple nods from a couple people, but that’s about it.

This is what happens when we tell the world who we really are.

We are TERRIFIED they will reject us.

TERRIFIED they will banish us.

But no matter HOW we “define ourselves” the response will be the same.

“Oh, OK. Cool.”

Sure, we might have to repeat ourselves a couple times to certain individuals, but that’s about it.

So, how would YOU like to DEFINE yourself?

Or RE-DEFINE yourself?

Because here’s another “truism” that is super easy to “prove”:

The world will treat YOU just like YOU treat YOU.

And YOU can treat yourself however you want.

Learn How:

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