Ditch Approach Anxiety

How To Make Women Try To Impress You

Many guys use a lot of “tricks” to pick up girls.

Things they learn in hopes of “impressing her.”

But if you are operating from this mindset, you have already made a mistake.

No matter how “skilled” you are, there is ALWAYS going to be a guy who is BETTER.

And this also reinforces and very troubling trend today.

Most guys treat even plain looking girls like princesses.

And with the magic of photoshop (and other image software), plain looking girls can make themselves look pretty gorgeous on social media.

Which gives them the ILLUSION (through their followers and likes) of actually BEING a popular princess.

So when you walk up and try to “impress” her with your witty pick up line, or clever bar trick, she’s going to SUBCONCIOUSLY compare you to EVERY OTHER GUY that she considers her “princess fan.”

Which may be THOUSANDS of guys on social media.

This can be a tough crowd to beat.

So why even play?

NO, I’m talking about joining some self-imposed celibate movement and accepting that the only girls you’ll get any action from are in video games.

I’m talking about not playing the “I need to impress her” game.

How do you do that?

First you need to FEEL abundance rather than scarcity.

I know, this sounds like law of attraction mumbo jumbo, so let explain.

Scarcity (or the scarcity mindset) comes from a feeling that you WANT much more than you are capable of getting.

This is true for most males. They want sex much more than they can get sex.

Or in economic terms, DEMAND is much higher than SUPPLY.

This means it is a sellers market.

Because women operate in a world where they are the scarce resource, they can afford to be choosey.

Males, on the other hand, feel lucky just to get a little attention.

How do you switch that to the abundance mindset?

You need to actually EXPERIENCE that there are a LOT of women out there.

And they are pretty similar.

And most importantly, MOST OF THEM are really not that special.

This requires that you RECALIBRATE how you perceive the sexual marketplace.

How do you do that?

By removing the FALSE FEAR that makes it SEEM like you’re operating from scarcity.

Do this, and you’ll never feel the need to impress another woman again.

They will feel the need to impress you.

Learn How:

Zero Fear Game