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DNA of Success

Cut Through Their Social Anxiety

Most people have a certain amount of social anxiety.

Meaning that few people feel entirely comfortable around others.

If you define “total comfort” as how you feel when you are alone, and can say and do anything without worrying, then EVERYBODY has a form of “social anxiety.”

Everybody has things they feel comfortable saying and doing when they are alone, that they would NEVER do around others.

For example, have you ever been “caught” signing in the car?

You’re favorite tune is on, your belting it out along with the band, but then you glance around and somebody right next to you is watching you.

Few people would continue EXACTLY as they were before they were “caught.”

Even if you smile to yourself and change your volume, even slightly, you are responding because of social anxiety.

Sure, it may be perfectly acceptable social anxiety, but the structure is the same.

It’s also that same that keeps us from fully expressing ourselves the way we want.

Any time you have an idea in your head, and you imagine expressing it a certain way, but it comes out “differently” the inhibiting factor is social anxiety.

Social = You are around other people

Anxiety = An uncomfortable feeling of worry

Just that when people say, “I have social anxiety,” we assume they mean debilitating levels.

Like they can’t even go outside, or they vomit when they think of talking to attractive people.

But the truth is that EVERYBODY has anxiety of SOME level, whenever thinking about behaving socially.

It’s human nature.

Which is a good place to start from when intending to persuade anybody.


Because in order to persuade somebody, you have to put things in terms that they can understand.

(Unless you are using the, “do it my way or else” strategy).

Which means they have to be COMFORTALBE sharing with you something about what they want.

But most people, when you ask them, “What do you want?” aren’t going to feel comfortable telling you.

Even people who have been in intimate relationships have trouble telling each other what they want.

Luckily, there is a very EASY way to get them thinking about what they want.

A simple question process, which when used correctly, doesn’t even require that they speak.

Which means you can get deep inside their mind, and find their most treasured desires.

And since they’ll feel comfortable thinking and talking about those deepest desires with YOU, they’ll start to subconsciously associate those two things.

Their deepest desires and you.

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Stop Trying To Push Her Buttons

Most people think in terms of checkers.

They want something, and they to know how to get it.

Sometimes, this is easy.

If you want a snack out of a vending machine, you put in the right amount of money, and push the right buttons.

Simple checkers logic.

Linear “cause and effect.”

But some things are much more complicated.

Which means getting what you want will require a bit more thinking that linear “cause and effect.”

But even the most complicated things follow a certain set of rules.

Otherwise, we would be living in a completely random universe.

And since we’re not, there IS a repeatable strategy to get pretty much anything.

But sometimes that strategy can be pretty complicated.

Much TOO complicated for those who only want to insert right coins and push the right buttons.

But for those who are willing to stretch their brains, getting what you want is pretty easy.

Even if it’s the interest of an attractive woman.

All you’ve got to do is the right things in the right order.

What things?

Getting her feeling the right emotions in the right order.

How do you do that?

Most people go about it the roundabout way. Trying all kinds of different “techniques” that are supposed to be like “pushing buttons.”

But that can be hit and miss.

Instead of just pushing buttons, think about slowly moving her emotions.

Slowly increase one, wait for it to peak, and then slowly increase the next one.

This is much more like playing an instrument than pushing buttons on a machine.

How do you move her emotions in the right order?

By telling her the right stories in the right order.

Which stories are those?


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Your Internal Fusion Reactor

Scientists have been trying to find self-sustaining fusion for a long time.

Currently, all nuclear energy comes from fission.

Splitting a Uranium atom in half and getting a lot of energy.

That energy is used to boil water which turns turbines which generates electricity.

Fusion is much safer than fission.

Fission creates accidents like Chernobyl and Fukushima.

Fusion is what powers all of the stars, (including the sun) and subsequently all life on Earth.

On a personal level, we all require energy with every movement.

We store energy, burn energy and consume energy.

You might describe us biologically as “energy pumps.”

Every take we take in (eat) energy and expend (move) energy.

We continuously pump energy in and out.

But just like fusion, we too have access to a virtually unlimited energy source.

Those who have tapped this have created great empires.

Manifested great works of art.

And solved scientific riddles to cure diseases and extend the length of our lives.

What is this virtually unlimited energy source?

It is only a thought away.

But it is so well hidden we RARELY recognize it.

We don’t like to talk about it.

Some of us have even been conditioned to feel guilty when we think about it.

But it is always there.

Napoleon Hill recognized it in the great leaders and empire builders he studied.

He also noted its misuse among the most poor that he studied.

How you use it is up to you.

But you do have it.

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Secrets Of Human Civilization

There are two very simple, yet very profound ideas about human nature.

These two simple ideas are what drives the world economy.

This same two simple ideas have driven all human inventions.

What are they?

They are not metaphysical, they are not deep insights or esoteric ideas about who we are.

Just two traits that we all share.

And by understanding these two simple traits, you will gain an understanding into every single thing people say and do.

What are they?

The first one is that we have an infinite amount of wants.

This a real, biological fact. Right now, reading these words, there is a few things that you want, more than anything else.

I’m not referring to those things you “wish” were true, like being more famous or taller or having different color hair.

I’m talking about real human wants and needs. Things you will take action to fulfil.

Eating, breathing, getting up and moving around.

And most importantly, buying things.

If we humans had to fulfil ALL of our needs on our own, we would be in very sorry shape.

Imagine having to grow your own cotton, turn it into cloth and make your own clothes!

Those infinite number of needs will ALWAYS be there.

As long as you are breathing, and eating, and digesting, and eliminating, at your very basic core, you will NEVER be satisfied.

And neither will every other human.

What’s the second truth?

Is that all of these wants and needs are ORDINAL.


All we know is that we want SOME of our needs MORE than others.

In fact, very few, if any, are equal.

There is always a hierarchy of needs. There are always some needs and wants we label as “more important” than others.

Why is this important?

Because sometimes we HAVE something we don’t want.

And we WANT something we don’t have.

This presents a FANTASTIC opportunity.

What’s that?


Little kids trading sandwiches, ancient tribes trading bear skins for fish, or modern humans at the mall trading a couple bucks for a cheeseburger.

This, at its core, is the story of human existence.

Because we want more, because we always want things in a hierarchy, and because we have the instinctive ability to trade with one another, we use our creative minds to keep inventing new things.

This is why once upon a time there was nothing but people and animals and dirt.

And how there are tons of highly advanced technological wonders.

All you’ve got to do is get in the game, and get some.

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Epic Journeys

Lead Them on Epic Journeys

I watched an interesting “documentary” the other night on Netflix.

It was made by Frank Capra, and it was a world war II propaganda movie, made specifically against the Japanese.

Studying it from a persuasion standpoint was interesting. Propaganda movies are usually well made.

It made the Japanese look both beatable, and a formidable enemy at the same time.

It was designed to generate hatred and fear for the Japanese during WWII, and at the same time build a massive amount of confidence in the American military.

It’s no secret why they chose Capra. Regardless of which way you want to move emotions, movies are IDEAL tools of persuasion.

But since most movies we have experience with today persuade us to feel certain emotions, we don’t see how powerful of a propaganda tool they once were.

Why are movies such powerful tools of persuasion?

Why do they move us to tears or action?

Because they do what traditional “persuasion” can’t.

Traditional sales and persuasion involves somebody telling us what we SHOULD do.

And even if it’s a good idea, it feels like we’re following orders.

And few people enjoy following orders.

But movies, on the other hand, they invite us to go along willingly.

We see the hero’s and the bad guys, and we imagine ourselves right in there in the mix.

Nobody’s making us do it. Nobody even knows we’re doing it.

But deep in our mind, we are. It’s hard NOT to. To imagine that YOU are the hero, YOU are the one killing the bad guys and saving the people.

(And getting the girls!)

And just like you can drive an ambulance or a getaway car, this tool can be used for wartime propaganda, or for making people feel wonderful.

Think of all the things you WISH you could “tell people” to do.

Things you want them to do, and things you KNOW they’d benefit from.

If you learn how to wrap those ideas up in a story, they will GLADLY take your advice.

Because stories are a way to INVITE them to IMAGINE taking your advice through the story.

Only they won’t think it’s advice.

They’ll imagine it as a fantastic adventure.

If you tell it right, it will be an adventure they imagine taking together, with you.

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Hypnotic Storytelling

The Rainbow Of Your Brain

Confusing Brains and Tall Flowers

Language has a lot of vagueness.

But most of the time, when something is vague, we can figure stuff out from the context.

Occasionally, though, it’s kind of funny.

Once I was talking to this elderly Japanese woman.

She was telling me about the upcoming (at the time) prime minister election.

And since it was a pretty significant event, her face took on the facial expressions one does when talking about a significant upcoming event.

Only she sort of “mispronounced” the word election.

She got the look of “something is coming,” and said:

“This weekend there will be a prime minister erection.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. She asked why and I explained.

She thought it was pretty funny as well.

The picture of some old prime minister sitting there with all the press, hoping to get a boner.

Then when Prime Minister Jr. stands up, everybody politely claps.

“Prime Minister Erection Successful!”

You’ll see this technique used in comedy all the time.

But humor is not the ONLY way to leverage vagueness.

You can use it to “burn up” brain processor time.

For example, if I said, “Yesterday I went to the park and there were a lot of tall trees and flowers.”

What EXACTLY does this mean?

Tall trees and tall flowers?

Or tall trees and normally sized flowers?

Both make sense grammatically.

But what if I said:

“Yesterday I went to the park and there were some tall trees and flowers, but not all of the flowers were as tall as they used to be.”

This is like taking a selfie with your back to a mirror.

Your attention wants to keep swirling around those words to find out what the heck it really means.

And while your friend’s brain is doing that, you can KEEP slamming them with equally confusing sentences.

And one of the interesting things about confusing brains is they tend to look for ANYTHING to that makes sense.

A command, for example, in a sea of verbal confusion, is something the brain will grab hold of for dear life.

What command?

Whatever you want!

A few well-placed sentences, with secret commands side, can keep everybody’s brains spinning around for hours.

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In My Pajamas

Singing Clowns and Zombie Moths

I saw this pretty funny comedy a few weeks ago on Netflix.

Called “Punching the Clown.”

About this comedian who had a weird style.

He would play these goofy songs on stage, and in the songs would be his routine.

The story was a parody of sorts, and it was about his “rise and fall” in Hollywood.

It started with him living in his car, and ended the same.

One of the funniest parts was when he was pitching his routine to some big shot media executive.

The exec kept interrupting him.

The hero would start one of his “joke songs” but before he got a couple of lines out, the exec would stop him.

“Ok, how about your FUNNIEST joke then?” he would say.

The joke was that jokes are usually only funny if you don’t see them coming.

Even stand up comedians have to keep the jokes coming so fast it’s hard to keep up.

This is how humor works.

Our brains HAVE to be off balance.

The media exec was treating jokes as a physical thing. As if the “funniness” of a joke was objective and could be measured.

As if you could take out all your jokes, lay them on the table, and line them up on order of funniness.

But if you’ve ever successfully told a joke, you know that sometimes they work, and sometimes they don’t.

The the best way to tell a joke isn’t to wait for a lull in the conversation, and then say, “OK, everybody, I just learned this new joke, pay close attention!”

That would almost GUARANTEE nobody would laugh.

So we instinctively know that we keep our jokes on ice until the right time to spring them.

If you’ve got a lot of witty one liners, you aren’t in any rush to get them out.

You wait until a relevant point in the conversation, say them and BECAUSE they are unexpected, they will have the biggest impact.


I was sitting around with my friends once. We were talking about life after death. Serious subject! Everybody was trying to outdo each other with our deep metaphysical insight.

Then my friend says, (totally seriously), “I hear we become moths after we die.”

We all looked at him.


“Yeah, that’s why people that come back say they kept going toward a big light…”

Now, this is likely one of the lamest jokes you’ll ever hear. But said at JUST the right moment, it will make people laugh.

Which is EXACTLY how hypnosis works.

Sure, there’s DIRECT hypnosis, where you TELL the person you are hypnotizing them.

Then there is INDIRECT, or covert hypnosis.

The problem is many people treat “covert hypnosis” like the Punching the Clown Executive.

They tell everybody they are about to DO hypnosis.

Which kills the effect.

But when you USE HYPNOSIS like the moth joke (spring it when people least expect it) it will spin their minds around like crazy.

And unlike jokes, which are short, you can make hypnosis as LONG as you want.

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Don't Listen To This Guy!

Switch Your Girl Getting Mindset

It’s easy for guys to fall into the “soul mate” trap.

If you don’t have a lot of experience with women, any attention that any one can give you may seem like a life changing event.

But when you understand that women don’t really like a guy (on a subconscious level) that makes himself too available, it’s easy to see why this isn’t such a good strategy.

From a guy’s perspective it works like this.

He interacts with a girl, and she gives him some positive signals. Maybe even some sex.

And because the guy doesn’t have a lot of experience with girls, his inner caveman brain wants him to hang on for dear life.

Because he doesn’t have much sexual history, and sex feels so fantastic, every part of him is screaming at him to hang on at all costs.

This presents itself, through his behavior, of being needy and always available.

This, of course, KILLS any attraction the girl has for him.

Now, you could “pretend” to not be needy, only text her once every couple days, etc.

But if you have little experience with women, this is nearly impossible.

What’s the solution?

Start talking to girls (all girls, not just ones you’re interested in) AS OFTEN as you can.

This will build up your experience with women.

So when you DO meet a girl who is into you, you won’t have that “needy” or “desperate” response.

Because you’ll have the experience that GIRLS ARE EVERYWHERE. And ONE of them is not really THAT important.

Not only will this attitude and believe make it less likely to mess up with girls that are into you, but it will make you MORE ATTRACTIVE to most girls.

Which will give you a MUCH BETTER problem to have.

When you switch from the unhelpful, “I-hope-I-don’t-lose-her” thinking to the MUCH more helpful, “hmm, which one should I choose?”

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Desperation Is Not Attractive

Why You Should Never Chase

Most humans would love to have a simple, step by step solution to pretty much anything.

Like “what do I say to her to make her like me?”

Just imagine if there really WAS a “magic sentence” you could say to a girl (any girl) that would make her “like you.”

You’d say it, and she’d like you. But then somebody else would say it to her, and she’d like him.

In reality, there IS a simple way to make a LOT of girls like you.

And that is to differentiate yourself from every other lazy guy out there looking for magic tricks.

How do you do that?

Express your interest in her, but not in a needy way.

Always have something cooking that is MORE IMPORTANT than her.

Give her the pleasure of missing you, so she can use her imagination to conjure up romantic images of you.

This, however, is VERY HARD to fake.

If you’ve ever liked a girl more than she likes you, you know what I mean.

Every time she texts you, you go crazy trying to think of the right thing and the right time and the right frequency.

Luckily, if you take the time to CREATE SOMETHING that really WILL be more important than her, this will happen naturally.

Think of it this way, if you CHASE her, she’ll run away.

This will only work for a little bit, until it loses its charm. Women have been more or less following men for most of human history.

On the other hand if you CHASE your life, she’ll CHASE you.

Which means you need to figure out WHAT you will chase for your life.

And think of the girls as the added benefit.

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Expanding Energy Leads To Increasing Resourcefulness


Once I had this really strange and sudden desire to eat Italian food. It wasn’t even close to lunch or dinnertime. The feeling just completely hit me out of the blue. Since I didn’t have any real solid plans for the next couple hours, I figured I’d go downtown and find an Italian restaurant.

Not being big fan of sit down type restaurants, (I almost always get food to go whenever I’m too lazy to cook) I wasn’t too familiar with the fine dining landscape, so I expected to have to search for a while. I did have a couple ideas on where I cold find something decent, hopefully before the strange desire vanished, and I found myself knee deep in ravioli with no motivation to transform it into human energy.

Energy is an interesting thing. Most people consider energy as some kind of matter in motion. When somebody is hyperactive and in a good mood, they say he or she has a lot of energy.

Some energy is more expensive than others. You can spend tons of money on electricity, or you can build a windmill in your backyard. The funny thing is that your toaster really won’t be able to tell where you are getting your energy. 110 volts is 110 volts despite how it was generated.

I suppose you could also build a nuclear power plant in your backyard, but you’d probably need a pretty big backyard, and it may be hard to find some fissionable material. You’d also need a safe place to keep it, and most people’s back yards aren’t big enough to put everything. And the people that do have back yards big enough to not only build their own nuclear reactors as well as a place to keep all their uranium don’t usually do so, since cheap electricity is the least of their concerns. They’re worried about what to wear to the Oscars or something.

It’s kind of interesting when you take a step back, and see things in a different light. You decide what you need in order to get something, and you set out to get that thing you think you must have before you get that other thing.

But then along the way, by getting those items you previously imagined were a prerequisite for that super important thing, you actually care less about getting the super important thing, and those prerequisites seem to satisfy you in ways you never imagined. Usually at a deeper level that you thought you’d get from achieving that super important thing in the first place.

And paradoxically, the less you value something, the more you start to get it. Pretty soon you’ve got oodles of that thing you used to think was super important, and now it doesn’t seem to matter much.


For example, guys that are naturals with girls don’t read all kinds of books and spend all kinds of time practicing the right pickup lines, and making sure their clothes are all perfectly matched. Guys that are natural go out to have fun, don’t are much about meeting girls, but are somehow always surrounded by girls desperate for their attention.

Or people that are fabulously wealthy seem to always have a knack for making more money. But making money isn’t their primary goal; it’s more like a side effect. They just enjoy doing whatever it is they enjoy, to the point where get really good at it, and the money follows.

There aren’t too many professional athletes that originally got into sports because they thought it would be a way to make a living. Sure, plenty of athletes, after they discovered their talents decided it might be a pretty lucrative meal ticket, but that was after they played their particular sport for a long while, usually since early childhood.

Obviously, not everybody is naturally good at something that will make you rich. Most of us have to find things that we like, and get good enough to make a decent living doing them.

But if you dig deep, you’ll find plenty of natural talents that when applied creatively, will earn you a good chunk of change, if you focus on developing your talents, and enjoy doing so, rather than simply looking for a paycheck.

I suppose in a few years, maybe even in this generation (depending on which generation you count yourself among) they’ll develop some truly renewable energy resource that doesn’t require much environmental impact, nor space to store all that uranium. I think tapping into ocean currents is one way that future generations will have unlimited energy for pretty cheap.

And when I finally showed up at where I remembered the Italian restaurant to be, I was glad that I still had my cravings. And wanting to take full advance of that fact, I ate quite a bit.


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