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Secrets Of Human Civilization

There are two very simple, yet very profound ideas about human nature.

These two simple ideas are what drives the world economy.

This same two simple ideas have driven all human inventions.

What are they?

They are not metaphysical, they are not deep insights or esoteric ideas about who we are.

Just two traits that we all share.

And by understanding these two simple traits, you will gain an understanding into every single thing people say and do.

What are they?

The first one is that we have an infinite amount of wants.

This a real, biological fact. Right now, reading these words, there is a few things that you want, more than anything else.

I’m not referring to those things you “wish” were true, like being more famous or taller or having different color hair.

I’m talking about real human wants and needs. Things you will take action to fulfil.

Eating, breathing, getting up and moving around.

And most importantly, buying things.

If we humans had to fulfil ALL of our needs on our own, we would be in very sorry shape.

Imagine having to grow your own cotton, turn it into cloth and make your own clothes!

Those infinite number of needs will ALWAYS be there.

As long as you are breathing, and eating, and digesting, and eliminating, at your very basic core, you will NEVER be satisfied.

And neither will every other human.

What’s the second truth?

Is that all of these wants and needs are ORDINAL.


All we know is that we want SOME of our needs MORE than others.

In fact, very few, if any, are equal.

There is always a hierarchy of needs. There are always some needs and wants we label as “more important” than others.

Why is this important?

Because sometimes we HAVE something we don’t want.

And we WANT something we don’t have.

This presents a FANTASTIC opportunity.

What’s that?


Little kids trading sandwiches, ancient tribes trading bear skins for fish, or modern humans at the mall trading a couple bucks for a cheeseburger.

This, at its core, is the story of human existence.

Because we want more, because we always want things in a hierarchy, and because we have the instinctive ability to trade with one another, we use our creative minds to keep inventing new things.

This is why once upon a time there was nothing but people and animals and dirt.

And how there are tons of highly advanced technological wonders.

All you’ve got to do is get in the game, and get some.

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