Be Different

What Have You Invented Today?

When I was a kid I had this electronics kit.

It was a “75 in 1” kit from Radio Shack.

It had a whole bunch of different circuit components.

And by hooking them together in different configurations, you could make 75 different electronic circuits.

The most exciting part was creating them for the first time.

But after I’d gone through all of them once or twice, it wasn’t as exciting, since you knew what was going to happen.

So I started to experiment.

I would hook the circuits up to the light in my bedroom, for example.

This is the natural human tendency when we run out of things to discover.

We invent more things to discover.

Now, most people don’t consider themselves “inventors.”

Most people don’t consider themselves “entrepreneurs” either.

But take away the finances, the fame and fortune, and that’s EXACTLY what we are.

The entirety of human history is inventing new things.

Even little kids who are bored will INVENT new games to play.

Every time you’ve found a better, simpler, more enjoyable way to do something, you have used your inner entrepreneur.

The only difference between normal, everyday entrepreneurialism (the stuff you do every day) and people that introduce themselves as “Entrepreneurs” at parties is monetization.

Back when I was in college, my major was physics.

There was kind of rivalry between physics majors and engineering majors.

A joke (that was funny to both sides) was, “What do you call an engineer? A physicist with a job.”

People that make their living as entrepreneurs are using their natural human talents, the same talents YOU have, to get paid.

If any part of your job is to “figure stuff out on your own” without being told EXACTLY what to do, you are being paid to be an entrepreneur.

Because this what entrepreneurs do. They solve problems.

Fortunately, you don’t have to quit your regular job, or endanger ANY source of income to tap your inner entrepreneurial money maker.

Even if you NEVER want to make money as an entrepreneur, and introduce yourself at parties as an entrepreneur, developing your NATURAL skills of creativity and inventiveness will take you a long ways.

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