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How To Genetically Alter Your Personality

DNA – Is It In You?

I had this pretty cool revelation, or idea, this morning while I was out walking that I’d like to share with you. It’s one of those ideas that make perfect sense until you try to explain it to somebody else, and then it sounds like utter nonsense. Hopefully this won’t happen here.

It’s based on some basic ideas from biology as well as some concepts from metaphysics. It is also based on the underlying assumption that all of the interactions between matter and energy in the universe obey specific laws all of the time. There is zero room for randomness. Of course, often times we humans with our limited range of perceptual abilities and logical reasoning are ill equipped to deal with most of these laws, so many times they can appear like some kind of voodoo black magic or white magic or law of attraction or however you like to describe your favorite metaphysical laws.

It’s also based on the idea that smaller systems, which follow certain rules can collectively make up larger systems which may or may not appear to follow the same rules. For example, the laws of Newtonian physics are vastly different than Quantum physics. Of course, they are different sets of systems on two totally different scales. So the laws are the same, they are just scale dependent. Like a speed limit in a small town is vastly different than on the interstate, they are still laws enforced by the same entity.

Ok, where was I. Oh yea.

DNA. This is the building block of all life. The core of life on earth. Billions of years ago, there was no life on earth, and then something happened. Either by an intervention by a deity, or aliens, or a random strike of lightening, DNA was created. And it started to reproduce. Again and again. Every strand of DNA that exists today, in every living entity, is a combination of strands that came before it. Humans get half from mom, and half from dad. Some other organisms, like some simple plants reproduce themselves exactly. Nevertheless, all DNA is copied and pasted from one or more of its predecessors. All the way back to the original one.

How exactly does DNA work? It is this long strand of chemical, shaped like a twisted ladder. They call it a double helix. Then somehow, it untwists, so it looks like a normal ladder. The rungs of the ladder separate, and expose their raw ends to the inside of the cell soup. And within that cell soup are certain amino acids that come up and link together with the raw ends of the ladder. The amino acids link individually to the raw ends of the ladder, and then join to each other. Then they collectively uncouple or detach from the ladder. The ladder then re attaches to itself, and coils back up. The new protein, formed from the single amino acids that came down and joined together is now floating off to do whatever job it was made to do. DNA is incredibly long, and it has four different types of “rungs.” So whatever small stretch of the DNA decides to uncoil, will make a different protein. DNA is like blueprint for your body. Your brain.

DNA uncoils, and exposes its raw “blueprint” for the protein to be made. Then the protein is filled in by whatever is available in the surround cell fluid, or soup, or whatever you call it on that microscopic level.

Ok, now here’s the part that seemed to be much more insightful on my morning walk while the sun was just peeking over the mountains. Suppose your personality behaves like your DNA. Whatever part you decide to open, or expose, will be filled by whatever is around you. If you expose fear and anxiety, you will create fear and anxiety. If you smile and wave at people, you will receive smiles and waves in return. If you are growing in the womb, and your DNA is continually unraveling a blueprint to create brown eyes, that is it is “attracting” specific amino acids to link up into proteins to build brown eyes, you will have brown eyes.
If you continually expose part of your personality that builds happiness, you’ll be surrounded by happiness. So how do you do this?

The things that link together to build the proteins for brown eyes are the amino acids that link together in a specific order. There is nothing mysterious or esoteric or metaphysical about it. You put the right amino acids in the right order, and you’ll get the same effect again and again and again.

What about happiness? If happiness is the end result, what are the building blocks? What are the smaller “bits” like amino acids that when linked together, will create the exact same happiness, again and again and again?

Behaviors and communication. A specific strand of DNA exposed in the microscopic soup will attract the right amino acids to make the right protein.

A specific collection of behaviors and communication, when exposed to the world around you, in the right order, will produce the same happiness again and again and again. When your DNA wants to grow some hair, it unravels that part of itself, attracts the right amino acids, and they hook up together to make some hair in your hair follicles.

When you expose the right behaviors and communication in the right order, you will attract the right responses from people that when linked together, will build the same result every time.

Now, of course, people aren’t robots who will respond automatically the same way every time, but you’d be surprised how repeatable most of our behavior is. If you scream “fire” in a crowded movie theater, nobody is going to come up and shake your hand. If you offer a genuine smile and say “hi” to a stranger, they aren’t likely to punch you in the face.

Most people will respond pretty much the same way to the behavior and communication you project. So if you want a different result than you’ve been getting, change up or experiment with your behavior and your communication a bit, and see how the results you create will differ.

Probably the biggest take away from all of this is that you are largely responsible for the world you live in. By changing your behavior, you can drastically improve the results you’ve been getting, whatever they are, or whatever they want them to be.

And just as DNA is so fricking long it has taken scientists years and tons of money just to list it’s sequence, your personality is much more complex and abundant. If one part doesn’t work, you can easily try on something else.

These Two Things Are Essential To Effectively Use The Law of Attraction

How To Properly Manifest Your Desires

I used to watch this TV show when I was a kid, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. “I Dream of Genie,” was the title. I watched it for two reasons, one because the girl that played the Genie was super hot, and was always wearing these sexy genie clothes. And two because I thought it would be awesome to just cross your arms and blink your eyes and make something come into existence. To have some sexy genie dressed in skimpy genie clothes doing that for you is pretty much a secret (or not so secret) dream of all men.

That is a pretty common theme in human history. Much has been written about metaphysics and alchemy. Alchemy is a specific category of metaphysics where you take any metal, and turn it into gold. This would be similar to today’s “law of attraction” and other metaphysical manifestation techniques. Most people would like to attract more money.

The whole concept of metaphysics is interesting to me. I see it as kind of a vague placeholder in our imagination to describe things that are just outside our realm of understanding. They aren’t really magical or mystical or beyond our capabilities, just outside of our normal every day realm of the cause and effect reality that we think we live in.

A couple of examples. Most of our physical laws make sense, but only because we see them happening on a daily basis. When we see something that “makes sense,” what we really mean is that it matches our experience, so it doesn’t require any extra thought to describe it.

The first time kids study gravity in school, it can be a little bit unfamiliar, kind of like a fish studying water currents. When you show a diagram of planets and the sun, it’s pretty easy to make the leap. Of course the math, which is pretty complicated, is another issue.

It can take an extraordinary imagine to figure out laws that aren’t so obvious. Maxwell was a physicist who came up with a bunch of very complicated equations that described electromagnetic radiation. These are both light waves and magnetic waves. These can’t be seen, so you have to have a very highly developed imagination to play around with pictures in your head and then describe them with complex mathematical equations that actually prove to be true when applied to everyday things like electricity and photo voltage measurements.

One of my favorites is when quantum physicists and solid state physicists were having a hard time describing these small spaces that had an extraordinary large number of particles bouncing around. They could pretty easily describer one or two particles, but after that, the math got exceedingly complex.

Then one guy thought of an idea. Instead of thinking of the system of a boatload of particles stuffed in there, each with it’s own mass and charge and spin and whatever else properties particles have, why not think of it as a system with a couple of holes, with all the properties associated with particles assigned a zero value? (To physicists, zero is as just a valid number as 43).

Well, it worked. It described the system perfectly and made the math a lot easier. All by pretending there was this hole there bouncing around, with zero mass, and zero charge, and zero spin, and zero whatever else particles have.

Ok, back to metaphysics.

My own personal belief about metaphysical laws is they are very similar to the holes in the above example. The “law of attraction” and other metaphysical laws of manifestation are simple placeholders to make our thinking about complex issues much simpler, much like the math was made simpler in the hole theory.


You are a salesperson. You’ve been around salespeople for a while. You’ve been around really good salespeople, and you’ve been around pretty cruddy salespeople. You are an average salesperson, but you’d like to improve your skills to become one of the best. You have two options.

Option One

You study sales book after sales book. You attend sales seminars. You take notes after every sales call, and analyze every sentence. You even ask some customers if you could bring in a video camera and tape yourself so you can later watch it and analyze your body language, your tone of voice, your inflection, the actual words that you use, etc etc etc. You buy some expensive statistical software and collect as much data as possible from every single sales call. From time of day, what color suit your wore, what color clothes your customer wore, where you sat with respect to North and South, the number of minutes that elapsed before you “asked for the sale,” every possible piece of data you collect, and plug into your software. Then on a weekly basis, you look at your sales, and tweak your performance to slowly and gradually improve your sales.

Option Two

You read a book on the law of attraction, and affirmations. Before going to sleep every night you tell yourself “I am the best salesperson at my company.” And just like all the books say, you put feeling and emotion into your affirmations. And just like the books say, when you go about your day, you release your affirmations to the superconscious, or whatever, and wait for the changes to take place.

So which do you think would work better? Believe it or not, method two would work much better. Not because of any mystical law or anything, but because of the massively powerful computational powers of your brain. When you tell your brain enough times that you want to be the best salesperson at your company, really program yourself to do that with powerful emotions, it will automatically do everything outlined in option one. But it will be doing it all unconsciously, so you won’t really notice. From a conscious mind point of view, you are only doing affirmations every night, and then magically in a couple months, you are the number one salesperson.

This requires a couple of things. First is a goal that is within your grasp based on your current situation. If you have sales experience, it’s pretty easy to go from average to excellent. Second, you are surrounded by some good salespeople, so you brain has something to model your behavior after.

This is the number one reason people fail when they “use” the law of attraction. They are either giving their brains some vague instructions, so it doesn’t really know what to go after, or they are giving specific instructions, but not exposing themselves to examples of how to get there.

When you make sure both of these are present, a clear objection, and sufficient examples of how to get there, with properly constructed affirmations, you can pretty much allow turn over any goals to your unconscious and let it soak up the behaviors from people around you.

Of course, this requires that you have the underlying beliefs that you are capable of actually performing the objective you claim you want, but that’s for another post.

For now, whenever you choose to do affirmations, remember the more clear you are the better, and the more examples you expose yourself to, in as many forms as possible, the better. That way you’ll have a much better chance of achieving your goals.

Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting, by Lynn Grabhorn

If you’ve ever heard about the so called Law of Attraction, but have tried with mixed results, fear no more. Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting: The Astonishing Power of Feelings by Lynn Grabhorn might just be the book for your. Filled with logical explanations, practical exercises, and many examples, this book can easily shape your reality to fit exactly what it is that you want to create in life.

It’s not about intelligence, or the right background, or the right ethnicity. It’s not about whether you went to college or not. It doesn’t even matter if you’ve ever been successful before. This book will show you that the key is to pay attention to your feelings. When you learn how to manage your feelings correctly, you will begin to really change your life in so many positive ways that you will be completely amazed.

Feelings are incredibly powerful, but for some reason, most of  us are taught to ignore or suppress our feelings. Anger, fear, nervousness, desire. We are told early in life that it’s not ok to show anger. You shouldn’t ever let them see you sweat. You shouldn’t try to get things that you don’t deserve. Be a good little boy or girl, and good things will happen to you.

Unfortunately, or fortunately if your are beginning to smell a rat, that’s not how it works. Ignoring your feelings is the opposite of what you want to do. You want to embrace, accept, and appreciate your feelings. When you do this, you will really understand how easy it is to apply and benefit from the law of attraction.

Some have called Grabhorn’s’ work similar to Abraham Hicks. They are similar in some ways.  Lynn Grabhorn takes ancient ideas and expresses them in a way that you will not only logically understand how and why they work, but will easily be able to apply them in your life right away.

What is it that you want in life? Imagine one thing right now. What will it be like when you have it? What will you see? What will you hear? What will it look like? Most importantly, what will you feel like? This simple procedure may seem strange at first, because so many of us are uncomfortable tapping into our feelings like that. But the more you practice, the easier it gets. And Grabhorn’s book will show you the way to do it naturally and easily.

Can you imagine now, what it will be like when you apply the easy to understand and simple to apply principles in this book? Can you imagine yourself being able to join the thousands and thousands of others around the world who’ve made the decision to buy this book and begin to benefit now? It’s as easy as a feeling.


Easily Use the Law of Attraction to Create Massive Amounts of Abundance and Prosperity

Thoughts are things.
You are what you think about.
As you sow, so shall you reap.
As a he shall thinketh in his heart, so shall he be.

Sound familiar? Many people over the centuries have realized that the underlying truths of these statements, once harnessed, can powerfully provide not only material riches, but better relationships, increased happiness, and peaceful wisdom. Would you like to tap into these? Would you like to naturally and effortlessly use these principles to enhance your life and those of your friends and loved ones?

The Law of Attraction has been getting a lot of press lately. Perhaps you’ve seen “The Secret.” Perhaps you’ve seen a few Abraham Hicks videos. (If you haven’t I cannot recommend them enough.) If not, don’t worry, you still can quickly and easily tap into the source of power to achieve wonderous results.

Be careful. You won’t be able to make money appear in your wallet. You won’t blink your eyes like on “I Dream of Jeannie” and make a sudden stampede of elephants appear in your living room (although I admit that would be pretty cool.) However, if you focus on things you can control, you will be light years ahead of every other law of attraction practitioner who is mixing their realistic and unrealistic desires. Because you know these simple secrets, creating your new reality will be a snap. (Or a nose twitch, if you prefer.)

It works like this. The more you focus on your desires, the more you will program your brain to automatically seek out what you are looking for. It works from the reticular activating system of the brain. Have you ever bought a new car, lets say a red Honda, and then suddenly saw it everywhere? That was that reticular activating system at work. Here’s what happened. When you bought the car, you were suddenly able to feel really good about the car. You had thoughts of red ‘Honda=good.’ So your brain naturally responded. You sent it a message, ‘red Honda=good,’ and your brain automatically complied by bringing into your attention all the red Honda’s that were already there anyway, but you didn’t notice, because you weren’t thinking ‘red Honda=good.’

When you program your brain for something that you want, rather than what you already have, it’s exactly the same process, it just takes a bit longer. Let’s say you want a new job. So you program your brain with the exact conditions you’d like in your new job. Pretty soon your brain will be looking all over the place to find things that will satisfy the conditions that you specified. The cool thing about this, is that because your brain is so smart, it will find things you wouldn’t normally think would lead to a new job. And because it’s doing all this looking around for you while you aren’t paying much attention, these ideas come to you as intuition. So after you start to program your brain for things you want, make sure to pay attention to your intuition, because it will definately point you in the right direction.

And as you begin to transform your thoughts into what is possible, you will naturally start to realize that because you are powerful beyond measure, there is no limit to what you can achieve. It may seem to be slow at first, but stay with it. The more you notice and appreciate your inevitable small successes, the quicker you will gain momentum and confidence in your abilities to create your world exactly as you desire it.

Make sure to check back often, as I will be updating this site with articles to easily and quickly improve your life. And feel free to share or link this site with others, because what can be better than a world where everyone practices the principles of abundance?