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Power Affirmations that Work for YOU

Affirmations can be the quickest and easiest to apply method to powerfully transform not only what you think is possible about your capabilities, but about the world that you live in. All of us have unconscious thoughts and messages that we pick up from teachers, coaches, adults in authority, or even from ourselves that play over and over again. Whether you know it or not, you use affirmations on a daily basis. Unfortunately, messages give to us by adults to keep us safe, can also keep us from achieving the goals we desire later in life. Messages of guidance can easily transform into messages of limitation.

There is a way to change these messages to give yourself incredible confidence, self esteem, and personal power. When you finish reading this article, you’ll easily be able to create simple affirmations that you can use to propel yourself to automatic success. There are three simple rules to learn, so that your affirmations will have a maximum effect.

Rule Number One: State Them in the Positive.

You want to focus on what you want, rather than you don’t want. Instead of focusing on losing five pounds, focus on being your ideal weight. Instead of focusing on quitting smoking, focus on breathing fresh, healthy air with every breath. Instead of focusing on quitting eating ice cream for breakfast, focus on eating healthy foods that support a healthy body.

Rule Number Two: State Things in the Present Tense.

Instead of saying “I want to weight 150,” pounds, say “I weight 150 pounds.” Instead of saying “I want to cut back on the number of sweets,” say “I only eat healthy food.” Instead of saying “I will quit smoking next week,” say “I only breath fresh clean air with every breath.”

Rule Number Three: Avoid “Be” verbs and use Powerful Action Verbs

Instead of saying “I am confident,” say “I behave confidently in every situation.” Instead of saying “I weigh 150 pounds,” say “My behavior easily supports a healthy weight of 150 pounds.” Instead of saying “I am a non smoker,” say “I treat my lungs and body with respect and always inhale clean, fresh air.”

If you can, try this now. Choose something that you want  to create in life, and apply these three rules, and say it out loud. How does that feel? The more empowered you feel, right now, as you say your affirmation is an indication of how you will take it as your truth the more you say it. When you say something that causes you to feel a strong emotion, your brain will be much more likely to accept it.

The best time to say these is as you fall asleep at night. This can be a golden opportunity to powerfully program your subconscious for automatic success generation. Ideally, you want to live your life so that you can naturally and easily get what you want without a lot of effort. For more articles to easily help you achieve greater success like this, you can join many others like you, and read some more articles here.


Easily Use the Law of Attraction to Create Massive Amounts of Abundance and Prosperity

Thoughts are things.
You are what you think about.
As you sow, so shall you reap.
As a he shall thinketh in his heart, so shall he be.

Sound familiar? Many people over the centuries have realized that the underlying truths of these statements, once harnessed, can powerfully provide not only material riches, but better relationships, increased happiness, and peaceful wisdom. Would you like to tap into these? Would you like to naturally and effortlessly use these principles to enhance your life and those of your friends and loved ones?

The Law of Attraction has been getting a lot of press lately. Perhaps you’ve seen “The Secret.” Perhaps you’ve seen a few Abraham Hicks videos. (If you haven’t I cannot recommend them enough.) If not, don’t worry, you still can quickly and easily tap into the source of power to achieve wonderous results.

Be careful. You won’t be able to make money appear in your wallet. You won’t blink your eyes like on “I Dream of Jeannie” and make a sudden stampede of elephants appear in your living room (although I admit that would be pretty cool.) However, if you focus on things you can control, you will be light years ahead of every other law of attraction practitioner who is mixing their realistic and unrealistic desires. Because you know these simple secrets, creating your new reality will be a snap. (Or a nose twitch, if you prefer.)

It works like this. The more you focus on your desires, the more you will program your brain to automatically seek out what you are looking for. It works from the reticular activating system of the brain. Have you ever bought a new car, lets say a red Honda, and then suddenly saw it everywhere? That was that reticular activating system at work. Here’s what happened. When you bought the car, you were suddenly able to feel really good about the car. You had thoughts of red ‘Honda=good.’ So your brain naturally responded. You sent it a message, ‘red Honda=good,’ and your brain automatically complied by bringing into your attention all the red Honda’s that were already there anyway, but you didn’t notice, because you weren’t thinking ‘red Honda=good.’

When you program your brain for something that you want, rather than what you already have, it’s exactly the same process, it just takes a bit longer. Let’s say you want a new job. So you program your brain with the exact conditions you’d like in your new job. Pretty soon your brain will be looking all over the place to find things that will satisfy the conditions that you specified. The cool thing about this, is that because your brain is so smart, it will find things you wouldn’t normally think would lead to a new job. And because it’s doing all this looking around for you while you aren’t paying much attention, these ideas come to you as intuition. So after you start to program your brain for things you want, make sure to pay attention to your intuition, because it will definately point you in the right direction.

And as you begin to transform your thoughts into what is possible, you will naturally start to realize that because you are powerful beyond measure, there is no limit to what you can achieve. It may seem to be slow at first, but stay with it. The more you notice and appreciate your inevitable small successes, the quicker you will gain momentum and confidence in your abilities to create your world exactly as you desire it.

Make sure to check back often, as I will be updating this site with articles to easily and quickly improve your life. And feel free to share or link this site with others, because what can be better than a world where everyone practices the principles of abundance?