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Power Affirmations that Work for YOU

Affirmations can be the quickest and easiest to apply method to powerfully transform not only what you think is possible about your capabilities, but about the world that you live in. All of us have unconscious thoughts and messages that we pick up from teachers, coaches, adults in authority, or even from ourselves that play over and over again. Whether you know it or not, you use affirmations on a daily basis. Unfortunately, messages give to us by adults to keep us safe, can also keep us from achieving the goals we desire later in life. Messages of guidance can easily transform into messages of limitation.

There is a way to change these messages to give yourself incredible confidence, self esteem, and personal power. When you finish reading this article, you’ll easily be able to create simple affirmations that you can use to propel yourself to automatic success. There are three simple rules to learn, so that your affirmations will have a maximum effect.

Rule Number One: State Them in the Positive.

You want to focus on what you want, rather than you don’t want. Instead of focusing on losing five pounds, focus on being your ideal weight. Instead of focusing on quitting smoking, focus on breathing fresh, healthy air with every breath. Instead of focusing on quitting eating ice cream for breakfast, focus on eating healthy foods that support a healthy body.

Rule Number Two: State Things in the Present Tense.

Instead of saying “I want to weight 150,” pounds, say “I weight 150 pounds.” Instead of saying “I want to cut back on the number of sweets,” say “I only eat healthy food.” Instead of saying “I will quit smoking next week,” say “I only breath fresh clean air with every breath.”

Rule Number Three: Avoid “Be” verbs and use Powerful Action Verbs

Instead of saying “I am confident,” say “I behave confidently in every situation.” Instead of saying “I weigh 150 pounds,” say “My behavior easily supports a healthy weight of 150 pounds.” Instead of saying “I am a non smoker,” say “I treat my lungs and body with respect and always inhale clean, fresh air.”

If you can, try this now. Choose something that you want  to create in life, and apply these three rules, and say it out loud. How does that feel? The more empowered you feel, right now, as you say your affirmation is an indication of how you will take it as your truth the more you say it. When you say something that causes you to feel a strong emotion, your brain will be much more likely to accept it.

The best time to say these is as you fall asleep at night. This can be a golden opportunity to powerfully program your subconscious for automatic success generation. Ideally, you want to live your life so that you can naturally and easily get what you want without a lot of effort. For more articles to easily help you achieve greater success like this, you can join many others like you, and read some more articles here.


Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

“All riches have their origin in mind. Wealth is in ideas – not money.”

-Robert Collier

“Wealth is the ability to fully enjoy life.”

-Henry David Thoreau

Would you like money? Would you like a lot of money? What could you do if a thousand dollars appeared out of nowhere, and you had only an hour to spend it? What would you do? Where would you go? How about ten thousand? A hundred thousand? How much money would you need to invest safely so you could spend the rest of your life doing what it is that you always dream you wish you could?

The core teaching of the classic book Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, is that thoughts are things. Take a look around you, right now. Since you are reading this, you have a computer right? Before this computer existed, it was only a thought in somebody’s mind. Before the chair you are sitting in existed, it was only a thought. Perhaps not an altogether original thought. Perhaps the chair you are sitting in is a slight modification of a different model. Nevertheless, before it was a thing, it was a thought.

How about before there were computers? Somebody had a thought that they could do much better than what they had, right? How much money do you think there is in the world right now? Trillions of dollars? More? How much money do you think there was in the world five hundred years ago? Not nearly as much, right?

Where did it all come from? Thought. The power of thought.

The classic book Think and Grow Rich has been read by so many people it scarcely needs and introduction, or even a description. Written in a beautiful form, unlike many get rich quick books today, it requires the reader to discover for yourself what the secret is. Told in fifteen chapters, each devoted to a specific topic, Hill uses stories and metaphors so make it almost impossible not to miss the secret that lies within. So powerful is the principles in this book that later revisions (it was originally published 1937) were edited for fear of falling into the wrong hands.

That it was published first near the end of the great depression, and still managed to sell 20 million copies is a testament to the powerful principles that lie within. This book is simply a must have for anyone that wants to tap into the basic principles of abundance. And as Thoreau so eloquently stated, wealth is a lot more than money.

Of course, you don’t need to buy this book. If you simply google Think and Grow Rich pdf you will find many websites that allow you to download it for free. But there’s something about having this handy paperback to take with you whenever you want to skim through and read a chapter here or there. They are fantastically organized and can be read all at once or in short bursts of absolute wisdom. Even if you’ve read it before, I highly recommend that you either find your old copy, or buy a new one. Either way you absolutely cannot go wrong by learning and applying the principles in this book.


Easily Tap Into Abundant Prosperity

Prosperity. Abundance. The Law of Attraction. The Secret.

These concepts have been very popular in recent years. A check of “The Secret” on google yields over three hundred million pages. The other words yield similar results. What is it about these concepts that elicit such interest? Easy money? More of the good stuff in life? Happiness? The fact that these concepts have been around for ages tells there might be something deeper involved that just getting rich quick.

With literally hundreds of courses and seminars and webpages and blogs telling us how to make money quickly and easily, why are so many people still living a life of lack? I used to have a friend that was involved in the heavy lifting portion of buying and selling real estate. That is, he owned a carpeting company and was contracted out by the guys that would by foreclosures, fix them up, and then re sell them. One of the startling things he discovered was that sometimes in the houses, people would leave behind books on prosperity and abundance. If these books that were left in foreclosed houses don’t hold the answers, what does?

I think a lot of the material out there on abundance and law of attraction really only touches the surface. I believe that in order to truly attract abundance, you need to take a deep look at your beliefs. And this can take time and effort, which is what many people are trying to avoid when they buy into these seemingly ‘get rich quick’ ideas. Not that there’s anything wrong with getting rich quick. I also think you need to be internally prepared to accept abundance.

I remember reading a project Oprah did many years ago. She selected a group of down and out people, and gave them all houses, money, jobs, clothes, everything. What do you think happened? Yep. Twelve months later they were all back out on the street.

And we’ve all heard stories of sudden lottery winnings that have ruined peoples lives.

I think it’s clear from this that before being able to attract true abundance, you need to do some deep inner work to make sure you’re ready to receive.

One thing I’ve found that helps me tremendously, is the Prosperity Paraliminal CD from Learning Strategies Corporation. I’ve written about them before, as I own almost everything they produce. That’s one of their CD’s I’ve listened to several dozen times, and know I will several more. Like the Self Esteem Supercharger, it uses a variety of techniques to lower your conscious resistance to deep changework. It uses a dual induction method that will quickly bypass your conscious resistance to change, so that you can receive lasting benefits. In the left ear is a pretty cool metaphor, about two teachers, and in the right ear is some kind of visualization exercise. One of the interesting things is, is that the more you open yourself up to abundance on a deep level, the more you realize that it is so much more than just easy money.

One cool Jungian synchronicity that happened to me after a listening session was that I found a dollar bill in my laundry. Not a big deal until you consider I was living in Taiwan at the time, and really had no idea where that dollar bill came from. I did eventually find the source of the dollar bill (it wasn’t magic), but it was strange coincidence that it appeared when it did. The unconscious mind can work in strange ways sometimes.

If you are interested in exploring a fairly low cost way to increase your capacity for abundance, have a look over at Learning Strategies. You might find something interesting.