Metaphorical Power Punch

How To Become a Jedi Master

Most people are familiar with Joseph Campbell.

He studied mythology from around the world, and found some interesting things.

Namely, that all myths and their characters are very similar.

He called it the “Hero’s Journey,” as the stories are very similar.

A young kid, bored, safe, longing for adventure.

But at the same time not quite brave enough to set out on his own.

Then some tragedy happens and FORCES him on his journey.

And along the way he makes friends, learns skills and eventually has to fight the bad guy.

Why do we love this story so much?

Why, out of all the stories that were told around all the campfires since humans learned to speak, do we remember and retell this same structure over and over?

Why does this structure RESONATE with us so much?

Because the hero is us.

Every time we start a new grade in school, or start a new job, or begin a new relationship, or begin a large project, we are repeating the same steps of the hero’s journey.

Usually we don’t start because we want to, we either have to (school, job, etc.) or it just kind of happens (relationships, family, etc).

And since there’s not really a “how to” guide to do any of the important things in life (fall in love, build a career, etc.) we’re always bumbling our way through.

So “Hero’s Journey” stories are VERY compelling.

The represent the IDEAL to which we all strive.

But there’s something even BETTER than listening to (or watching or reading) hero’s journey stories.

What’s that?

Telling them.

We all love hero’s journey stories because we are always on SOME kind of hero’s journey.

But every hero’s journey has the wise old helper.

Spiderman’s Uncle, Dumbledore, Obi Won Kenobi, Morpheus, etc.

But guess what?

When you take whatever you want to say to other people, and wrap it in a hero’s journey type tale, YOU can be the wise helper.

The sage, guru, wizard, or Jedi Master.

And when you mix in all the tools from conversational hypnosis, you’ll be better than any mythological character.

Imagine the fun you can have!

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