Chase The Money

Chase Wealth and Women Will Chase You

On a fundamental level, women are supposed to follow men.

Well, “supposed to” is kind of a strong word.

But that’s how we are designed.

That’s how we humans operate most efficiently.

Men chase life, and women chase men.

Think of our ancient ancestors. Men were always out hunting.

And the animals they hunted didn’t just hang around in the same spot all day.

Most of the time, they migrated. So the men migrated.

And the women and children, who were utterly dependent on the men for their survival, had to follow them.

Because this lifestyle existed for so long, it’s built into our DNA.

Women feel most congruent when they are following a man.

But not just any beta goof.

They have to be following a DRIVEN MAN who is out chasing wealth.

Because THAT is what those animals were.


Meat for food. Skin for clothes. Bones for weapons and jewelry.

Sure, the women did their share. They gathered.

But there’s only so much use for roots and whatever else they could dig up.

So, think of your life.

How do YOU define wealth?

Are you chasing it?

Because that’s what your ancestors did. And they didn’t do it only when it was easy, or the weather was good.

They did it every single day.

And the ones that were BEST at chasing wealth?

Those were the guys that ALL the ladies wanted.


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