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Tap Your Intuition

Some have called it universal intelligence. Others have referred to it as the super conscious mind, a powerful storehouse of all the information in the universe accessible to all who know it’s secret.  A few have called it intuition. Edison used it. Einstein used it. You can use it.

You can not only easily learn now to tap this incredible power, but if you do so on a consistent basis you will develop your skill of intuition to levels unheard of in common men. What happens when you imagine the insight you’ll gain when you learn to listen to what Rumi, the 13th century Sufi Poet referred to as “your friend” when he said:

“Listen to your friend. When you are obedient to that one, you will be free.”

I’ve written a few articles about the power of this source of information on my blog, but I’ve never given such clear steps to access it as I’m about to give. You will be surprised how simple they are. How easy they are to harness to give you answers to life’s most complicated questions. And one of the most strangest things, is the more you practice this simple technique, the stronger your “intuition” muscle will get, so you will notice that you will just “know” things, without really knowing how you know.

The magic in this technique lies in the persistence you will use to get through the critical, logical part of your brain in order to uncover the wisdom within. It may take a while, but once you get there, you’ll know. Here’s how you do it.

Think of a problem that you are having. Its’ good to start of with a minor problem, so it will be easy to do. This way, you’ll not only prove to your deeper self that it really works, but you will begin to get the hang of it rather quickly.

Phrase the problem as specifically as you can. Let’s say you want to lose five pounds. So your problem would be losing five pounds. So you create a question that begins with either “How” or “What.”  The following questions would be a good start for this particular problem:

How can I lose five pounds easily and without effort?
What is the easiest way to lose five pounds without changing my lifestyle?
How can I easily lose five pounds without extra willpower?

Once you get the question set up that feels right, here’s what you do next.

Get a blank piece of paper, and write, in long hand, as typing isn’t nearly as effective, your question at the top of the sheet.
Then ask yourself the question, and as quickly as you can, write the first thing that comes to your mind as soon as you ask the question. Many of the response you get will be obvious, like “eat less.” Duh. Many will not make any sense, like “green plants need water.” The important thing is to write everything thing down as soon as it pops into your brain. Once you get down past ten or twenty answers, you’ll start to get to the good stuff. You’ll want to keep writing until you get a few “aha” answers that you really “feel” are the right answers. It’s as simple as that. Of course, it’s up to you to carry out with the solution. Usually the ‘right’ answer has such a powerful impact that the knowledge alone will cause you to automatically follow through. Once you begin to use your inner intuitive voice as the guiding force in your life, you will, as Rumi predicted, be free.


Model of The World – Your Share of The Infinite

Why are you here? No, not here reading some article on the internet, but here, on this particular planet, at this particular time?
Have you ever thought about it? Maybe as you gazed up into the stars at night and realized with stunning clarity just how miniscule we are on this planet, at least in the physical sense. Or perhaps when you were sitting in traffic, on the way to that job or school that isn’t all what you’d hoped. Or perhaps when you found yourself in the middle of a task, perhaps one initiated by a superior. You somehow lost the focus, and just shrugged it off and went through the motions.

This article is one in a series on different models of the world. You can read through the others at your leisure.

The Model for today’s article is the Metaphysical Expansion/Contraction Super Conscious Model.

In the beginning, or one of the beginnings, was a super highly concentrated ball of energy that contained all the energy and matter (including the 70% or so of ‘dark matter’ that physicists are still looking for.) Keep in mind that matter and energy are the same, as shown elegantly by Einstein’s “E=mc^2.” This ball of highly concentrated energy is/was pure consciousness. It/He/She/We was all that there is/was/will be. Then the consciousness decided to expand itself, so it could find itself.  Through the billions and billions of aeons, this consciousness fractionated itself into different particles, which evolved into galaxies, solar systems, planets and finally life.

Life on this particular planet evolved to create conscious, sentient beings. That is, we are aware that we are aware.

This universe that we live in will keep on expanding until it reaches a point where it starts to contract. Kind of like a pendulum swinging back and forth. Then finally, in another kajillion aeons or so it will collapse back in on itself, re-concentrating into a ball of pure consciousness/thought.

Then it/she/he/we will go through the process again and again.

The purpose? Because it/we/they/she/he finds pleasure in finding itself. The whole expansion and contraction of the universe is one cycle in who knows how many that the infinite consciousness does again and again because it finds pleasure in it. And that is repeated on every level, at every stage, on every size.

The infinite consciousness finds pleasure in overcoming the false boundaries it momentarily created in order to experience the joy of finding itself.

Think about that. Let that sink in. Have you ever been totally afraid to do something, and then as soon as you started, the fear vanished and turned into excitement, perhaps even bliss? I remember the first time I went skydiving. I was terrified. I thought I would pass out I was so afraid. But as soon as I leapt out the plane, it was the most exhilarating experience of my life. Fear immediately turned into excitement and bliss. How many situations can you think of where excitement and bliss were just on the other side of fear? Can you think of anything more powerfully exhilarating that being able to step through fear?

As you try this model on, you’ll naturally realize that all the people around you are really a manifestation of the same thing. Regardless if you know them or not, or even speak the same language, you share the same sliver of consciousness. The same ‘stuff’ that finds pleasure in finding itself.  So when you see somebody that you are interested in, by assuming this particular model of the world is true, they cannot help but to be thinking the same thing about you.

If you take a few moments, and just act as if this model is true, just a little bit, can you get in touch with that sliver that is part of the super consciousness that fractioned itself into? Can you quite your mind just long enough to listen to your truth? Our truth? In every chest beats the same heart. If you know that in every mind rests the same fears, how many ways can you realize now, that as you calm the fears of others, you automatically calm your own? As you reach out to others, you are really reaching out to yourself?  Try this model on for size over the next few days, you might be surprised what you’ll find.