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Claim Your Incredible Sexual Power

You see a girl, a cute girl, across the room. Your eyes meet briefly. You think you should go over and do something, but your feet are suddenly glued to the floor. You imagine what you would say, and your heart begins to beat incredibly fast. You think of about eighteen million reasons all of a sudden why you shouldn’t go and talk to her. You are busy. She’s not your type. She probably has a boring personality.

What happens when you begin to become curious about what would happen if those self defeating thoughts didn’t enter into your brain? What would happen if you could discover a way to feel different when you saw a cute girl? Instead of feeling nervous and anxious, what if you could automatically feel incredibly confident and powerful? Sound too far fetched? Read on, because it’s not.

Have you ever discovered something really incredible? Have you ever come across something that was really able to make an incredible impact on your life? For me it was when I learned some specific public speaking skills. Before, I got incredibly nervous when I even thought about standing up in front of people. Even people I knew. But when I learned how to control my anxiety, and even use the natural energy that you produce, I was able to learn how to feel incredibly confident when I was speaking in front of people. How about you? Have you ever discovered a skill or technique that made your life easier?

As you think about that, imagine how good it really feels to discover something new. To take a look at something, and when you see this, you can’t help but to think that this is something that can really help your life. This is something that can help you to become incredibly powerful.  And as you sit there, and continue to read this, I wonder if you can start to imagine how you took this knowledge, and were able to apply this to your life in incredible ways so you naturally became more successful. How many examples can you think of, in your own past?

One thing that separates children from adults is the ability to make a decision. To see something you like, and instead of waiting for permission, instead of waiting for somebody to tell you that it will be ok, you just make a decision and go after what you want. Imagine you’re at the grocery store. You want to buy something. You check your pockets to make sure that you have enough money. You think about what it is that you want to buy. You look around, and see it. That’s it. You decide then and there, that’s it. No hesitation. No wondering if it’s the right thing. No worrying about what people will think if you go over and grab whatever it was that you were just thinking of.

How would you like to feel that way when you walked into a bar, or a party? You look around, choose the girl you like, and make a decision right then, and right here. The same process. The same process that you used to buy something in the supermarket, without hesitation, you use then to choose what girl you want to talk to. You don’t worry about what people think, or what she’ll say, or what goofy line you want to use. You just look around, see something that you like, make your choice, and let the chips fall where they may. How would that be? Would you like that? What would life be like if you could do that all the time? Do you think that would make you more attractive to cute girls? You bet it would.

One product that I’ve used over and over, as it is filled with useful techniques to get you to that mindset, is the Alpha Male System. And because the Alpha Male System is so full of useful techniques, I’ve read it at least a dozen times, if not more. And not only will it give you exactly the right things to do and say, but it gives you incredibly powerful techniques to work on your ‘inner game’ as well, so doing and saying the right things become incredibly easy. Pickup experts and gurus alike agree that this is one of the finest products out there to improve your life in this area.

I’m not going to tell you to go and buy this now, because you are smart enough to make your own decision to buy. And you don’t have to buy it now, you can go have a look now and decide to buy it later if it’s more convenient. The important thing is to realize that as you continuously develop your skills with whatever materials you can get your hands on, you can’t help but to become the person you’ve always wanted to be. And the Alpha Male System is an easily affordable and natural step in the right direction.

You can have a look by clicking here.


Five Easy Steps to Powerfully Abundant Confidence

How would you like to be able to walk right up to somebody HOT, somebody that you used to think was out of your league, and easily and spontaneously start up a witty conversation that will have your friends bursting with envy?

How would like to powerfully and authoritatively speak up in a group whose conversation has taken a wrong turn and needs your gentle yet firm correction?

How would YOU like to be the one that your friends push to the front of the group and say “You go talk to him, YOU’RE the confident one!”

Ah but there’s a slight problem, isn’t there? Or rather I should say, wasn’t there? Because you’ve read this far, you can slowly begin to understand that all those imaginary things that have been stubbornly standing between your desires and their natural and powerful expression can quietly fade off into the distance.

And I can show you how to tap into your power in five easy steps. Ready?

Step One:  Start slow. That’s right. Push yourself just a small bit. Push isn’t even the right word. Let your truth just peek out, only a little bit. Each time you step over the line, just a little beyond what used to be your limit, is clearly a strong and substantial victory. One millisecond of eye contact with somebody you think is attractive is plenty.

Step Two: Celebrate your accomplishments. This is crucial. After each victory, find a quiet place and remember it. Visualize it. Re-live it. Thank yourself. Really feel good for what you’ve done. Replay it a few times, telling yourself that you did a good job. The brain likes it when you talk to yourself nice like that. Because it starts to figure out ways to get more good feelings.

Step Three: Only give yourself permission to be able to decide what’s appropriate for you. Don’t accept other’s judgements, or what you might believe to be their judgements. Their opinions belong to them. Let them keep them. If they can give you good feedback that will help you grow and change, great. Otherwise, thanks, but no thanks.

Step Four: Accept that other people’s responses also belong to them. If they do something that you weren’t expecting, or you wish had been better, accept it.  Give the gift of allowing them to be and express themselves just you are starting to learn to master.

Step Five: Be kind to others before they even think to ask. Your confidence and ability to truly and deeply appreciate yourself will automatically skyrocket as you begin to see people as opportunites to create happiness wherever you go.

Once you start to practice these on a daily basis, your confidence, attitude, and postive energy will unquestionably increase. And one of the wonderful side effects of this is that you will notice people around you look at you and talk with you differently, and even total strangers will come up to you and try to think of ways to start a conversation with you.


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