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Embrace Your Inner Suck

Some things can be learned in a linear, step by step method.

Like baking a cake, or building a birdhouse.

Even then it can be complicated.

The first time you do something it’s generally accepted to be part of the “learning curve.”

Nobody would expect to bake the perfect cake on the first try, or build a perfect birdhouse.

Far from it.

Even in simple, non-crucial things (unless you own a cake shop or a birdhouse factory) we give ourselves LOTS of slack.

We bake a goofy looking cake that tastes kind of funny, and we laugh about it.

We KNOW we are SUPPOSED to suck at it the first few times.

But when we do REALLY IMPORTANT things like create relationships, apply for jobs, we act like we’re SUPPOSED to be PERFECT the first time.

Even though these things are WAY more complicated.

What are we, crazy?

We KNOW that by building a birdhouse a few times (or baking a cake or whatever) we’ll get better and better.

Why not look at life the same way?

Why now accept that it’s OK to SUCK?

As long as each “step” isn’t our “final answer,” we can keep getting better.

See, by allowing yourself to suck, you virtually GUARANTEE that you’ll get much better results.

If you DEMAND that you do it PERFECTLY the first time, it’s easy to get discouraged and give up.

Since the first time is NEVER perfect.

So when you embrace your inner “suck” and allow yourself to “fail” you open yourself to continuous improvement.

Because it’s really HARD to NOT get better if you keep trying.

Every time you bake a cake you’ll get better.

Every time you build a birdhouse you’ll get better.

Every time you do ANYTHING, you’ll get better.

Sure, when you think FAR OFF into the future, dream big.

Just realize that every single step between here and there will involve a lot of missteps.

A lot of outcomes that “suck.”

But whether you suck or not isn’t really important.

So long as you’re moving forward, you’ll get there.

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