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Embrace and Express your Sexual Power

One of the quickest ways to gain some traction in life is to harness the power of your natural sexual desire. I don’t mean running up and thumping every fire hydrant in sight, but really start to tap in to your sexual power. If you take a step back from the forbidden thoughts that some think go hand in hand with anything regarding sex, and look at it from a structural standpoint, you can’t help but to be amazed at what man has created driven by this awesome force of energy.

There are two types of selection processes at work that drive evolution. Natural selection, and sexual selection. Sometimes they help each other out, sometimes they are diametrically opposed, and other times they compete in an arms race the can propel a species to greatness. Luckily, we humans happen to be one of those species.

Natural selection is when certain animals live, and certain animals die due to environmental shifts. Say you have a race of tree chipmunks. And the squirrels live in trees that are very close together, so they can easily hop from branch to branch. Let’s say about ten percent of the tree chipmunks have these weird mesh like pieces of skin that connect their front paws to the rest of their body. Because mesh like pieces of skin don’t do any harm, they are largely ignored. So generation after generation the numbers stay at about ten percent.

Now what happens when some disease comes along and wipes out every other tree? The squirrels can’t easily jump from one tree to the next, because the branches are no longer overlapping. The chipmunks with the mesh like pieces of skin are now the kings, because they can easily glide from tree to tree. After a few generations, these chipmunks slowly grow in number, because they have the most babies, because they can get the most resources.

Sexual selection is something different altogether. The most widely cited example is peacocks. Peacocks are a largely polygamous species, meaning that one peacock mates with several peahens. The peahens choose the peacock with the largest and most colorful feathers. Unfortunately, for the poor peacock, bigger feathers means predators can see them easier. But what drives the peacocks having more and more colorful feathers as generations pass is the sexual selection of the peahen.

It is widely believed that humans grew to be so intelligent by a combination of natural selection, changing to fit the environment, and sexual selection, males and females selecting each other based on sexual preferences which didn’t have anything to do with the environment. Geoffrey Miller, a leading evolutionary biologist, argues that the human version of the sexually selected peacock’s feathers is our brains. And not just our brains, but our creativity. Our language, our ability to write poems, write and sing songs, build cathedrals, paint fantastic works of art. All that we enjoy as a human society is due to males and females of our ancestors sexually selecting each other for their intelligence.

So when somebody tells you that sex is bad, lust is bad, sexual thoughts are bad, don’t listen. If your girlfriend or boyfriend tells you that you think about sex too much, don’t listen. The sexual drive that humans carry inside is responsible for all the beauty you see around you. The more you tap into this power and find ways to appropriately and creatively express it, the richer and more abundant your life will naturally become. Not only will you benefit yourself from boldly proclaiming your sexuality, but society will benefit as well.