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The Metaphorical Problem Solving Dream

You go to work. Ugh. Your boss says he’s got good news, and bad news. You go into his office, and sit down. Nervous. “What’s the good news?” You ask, pretty sure you’d prefer no news.

I’m putting you in charge of marketing.”
“That’s great,” you say, but obviously you don’t share his enthusiasm.
“What’s the bad news?” You timidly ask.
“The marketing department is being moved to North Dakota.” (If you happen to live in and love North Dakota, pretend he said Ohio.)
“Oh, great.” What else can you say? You’ve made it quite evident for quite some time that you want the marketing job.

That night, you go out to dinner with your spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend. Coincidentally they received a promotion as well.

To Europe.

“Come with me!” They exhort.

You have a problem. And everybody you ask tells you something different.

Break up.
Give an ultimatum.
Turn down the promotion.
Tell them to turn down the promotion.
Quit your job and become a ventriloquist.

What on Earth do you do?

Enter Dream Number Three. The Metaphorical Problem Solving Dream.

If you’ve read my other articles on dreams, you know how to remember them, how to use them to release fears and anxieties, and how to use them to look out for danger.

In this article, I’ll tell you how you can ask your brain, (or your higher self, or infinite intelligence,) for advice, and how to listen for and interpret the answer.

The most fantastic part about this, is that most of the time, you won’t even need to worry about dream image interpretation. Because your dream will do it all for you, and give you the answer in the morning. If you do happen to encounter a metaphorical problem solving dream, you can still trust you instinct for the answer, or you can choose to interpret the dream.

Here’s what you do. Just before you go to sleep, ask yourself an open ended question that presumes a positive answer.
For example, “Why am I so stupid?” is an open ended question, but it presumes a negative answer. You want to stay away from those.

Some better questions could be:

What solution would be best for everybody?
How many ways can I solve this problem for the greater good?
How can I solve this problem and still maintain my job and my relationship?

The secret here, is to keep repeating these silently to yourself questions as you drift off at night. Then your brain will work on them as you sleep, and usually you’ll have an answer in the morning. It’s really amazing the way this works. You’ll wake up, and then an idea will just pop into your head that you hadn’t thought of before. It will seem totally obvious, and you won’t believe you didn’t think of it before.

Now if you do happen to have a really crazy dream, it’s because your brain is taking all the images and memories you have stored, and using them to put together a solution for you. It does this anyways, it’s just that you don’t normally remember them when you wake up. So if you do recall a vivid and strange dream, you can play around with figuring out what it means. In the meantime, watch out for that magical solution to pop into your head out of nowhere.

It’s really fascinating how wonderfully the mind works if you just give it simple instructions, then back up and let it help you out. Not only can you solve many problems, but you can create all kinds of good feelings as well.