Supercharge Your Charisma

Have you ever seen somebody walk into a room that just causes people to automatically turn people’s heads? Have you ever met somebody who you really felt like hanging around some more after they left, but you couldn’t figure out why? Have you ever had a really intense and deep conversation with somebody, and then the next day you remember this really good feeling, but couldn’t quite remember the topic of the conversation?

What you experienced was somebody with their charisma turned on. Charisma is the seemingly mystical energy that you can really see it or feel it or taste it, but when somebody is radiating it, you know it. It’s something that come’s across much more powerful in person than through only video or audio. Several psychologists suspect it’s a massive collection of micro movements, facial expressions, and voice tonality, even specific kinds of eye contact.

Others esoteric practices believe that it is a cumulative effect of progressive meditation to increase your particular chi energy. It can attract money, attraction from the opposite sex, even affinity from animals. These practices are generally centered around the concept of chakras. Beginning with the base chakra, you practice a successive set of meditations that will lead to something called Kundalini awakening, which can help you to realize your latent charisma.

What most people don’t realize, and what you are about to, is that you have all the charisma you need. You don’t need to develop it, you need only to unleash it. You need to uncover it from the fears you been piling on top of it. One of the great things about realizing how easy it is to release your charisma is how incredibly attractive to the opposite sex you find yourself becoming. Strangers come up to you, girls or guys, depending on your taste, will let their eyes linger on you longer than normal. Checkers at the supermarket will look for excuses to make skin to skin contact with you.

It’s not only about creating automatic desire for you from other people. You will start to notice that your thoughts are clearer, and you begin to think in different directions that you’re used to.  Should you not believe that you are capable of this, now, simply look back through your life to when you can find those times that show you those moments of realization that show you the truth.

And one of the really fantastic things that will happen as you accept this truth about yourself, is that you will never be able to go back to your old way of looking at things, when you used to think that life had to be a struggle, and you couldn’t naturally and easily achieve what you were after.

Be careful though. Before you fully accept this power that is your birthright, make sure you have enough space for the love, happiness, friends and appreciation that your life will automatically create.