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It All Begins Here

What all begins where? Another blog, on another site from somebody you’ve never heard of before?  As you sit there, reading these words, wondering exactly what it is that this page can offer you, among all the billions of pages on the ever expanding internet, you might begin to really wonder about whether or not you might gain something from this site.  And as you think about, perhaps you are starting to get a little curious about the title of this blog.


That which you see, hear, feel, taste, smell.  All that exists around you. The light which has traveled billions of miles to reach your eyes, the sound which travels hundreds of miles an hour to reach your ears. The smells slowly wafting along the breeze to reach your nostrils.  The rough feeling of the bark on the tree, or the smooth silky glide as you slip into the freshly washed sheets of your bed. Right here. Right now.

Or is it?

The light, the sound, the smells. All pure non living, non thinking hard data. Bound by the laws of chemistry and physics. Unreadable by devices not equiped specifically for their detection. The wavelengths of light must be refracted and split in order for the brain to make sense of them. The sound must vibrate the eardrum and the resulting frequencies must be transformed from the energy of physical vibration to electrical impulse to the powerfully undefinable energy of thought.  Do we experience reality?  Or only interpretation?


This is where the fun begins. I propose to take seemingly obvious aspects of everyday life, and by assuming they are intrepretation rather than reality,  to deconstruct reality.  To see what aspects seem truer than others. To see what “truths” seem useful and helpful, and which one’s seem less supportive of the things that we want to accomplish.  And by doing so, by examining the less than friendly truths that we somehow got tricked into believing, we can rebuild them. Just like Steve Austin, we can make them better, stronger faster. The point is not so much to get angry at those who sold us “truths” that were not completely accurate, because when you really examine your beliefs most people will readily agree that the culprit is not the seller of false truths, but the buyer. And that is us. And by taking apart some interpretations of reality that can be powerfully upgraded to better serve us, we naturally gain more choice. And you do want to have more choice in life, don’t you?


Stay tuned.