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Secrets of the Egyptian Pyramids

Wait, what? The Egyptian Pyramids? What on earth does that have to do with you? I’m sure you’ve heard of the Pyramids before, probably watched a documentary or two on television at one time or another.  Maybe you’ve even given some though to exactly how they were built. And you probably have known one person or heard of somebody that believes the pyramids have some kind of mystical structure to them. Maybe it is their geometrical shape, maybe because they are pointing to certain celestial bodies, although I’ve heard that the celestial bodies they were pointing towards have since moved, or the Earth has moved, or the orbit of the Earth has moved, or something like that.

Kind of like when I was in sixth grade, and we had to do a science project. I remember reading about some kind of pyramid power, how if you get the right pyramid shape, and put it around a plant, then the plant would grow a lot faster than normal. I’ve don’t know if you ever taken the time to consider just how cool it would be to realize that as you can sometimes choose to use metaphysical technology to grow faster you can also use those ideas to grow other things faster. But anyways, some other kid had taken that idea for the science project, so I had to do something different. I had to go back to the drawing board, and think of something else. I think I stuck with the plant idea, but changed it. Kind of like when we have ideas, and you think you are really changing your mind, you’re really not, its just the same idea in a different format.

Which is what I did. I used different colored sheets to cover my plants and tried to find out which ones would grow faster depending on which color light was let through the plastic.  I guess it’s kind of like the idea of separating out the different wavelengths of light, and seeing which particular wavelength, by itself, is best for the plant, or makes the plant grow the most. Kind of how sunglasses filter out different kinds of light so refracted light off of reflective surfaces doesn’t blind you.

Makes me think of that crazy blublocker guy that sold those sunglasses all over tv and other places.  Which is a great example that when you think of something new, even if other people think you’re crazy, if you present your ideas with incredible amounts of enthusiasm, it’s pretty easy to be successful, because that  blublocker guy apparantly made a lot of money, just for selling sunglasses.

So I wasn’t able to see any discernable difference with my project. The blue film, and the yellow film, and the red film, all seemed to produce the same size plants over a four week period. And I’m pretty sure the kid that tried the pyramid scheme didn’t notice any particularly outstanding results in her experiment either.

The the real difference in both of our science projects, was that we were just kids who wanted try someting new. We didn’t really know what to expect, you know? Now those Egyptians, they were different. They didn’t just slap stuff together and hoped it would come out ok, like we did when we were kids. They had a plan. They had a goal. They knew. They picked something far far away, like a distant star, far enough away so that when they kept with the project, the distant star was still there. And each pyramid was huge goal in undertaking, requiring thousands and thousands of workers and planners all working together to get the job done. And one of the great side effects of building the pyramids was that it kept pretty much everybody employed and able to feel really confident, because they all knew that what they were doing was going to somehow contribute to society.

Imagine how much you could accomplish if you did the same thing. Pick a goal, something to point your efforts at, something that is far enough away that you can keep striving for it over the years. Something that will have fantastic side effects as you strive incessantly because you know deep in your heart that with the right attitude and belief systems, you will naturally and powerfully achieve your dreams, and just the Egyptians, leave your legacy.