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How To Access Genius Level Creativity

Imaginary Friends

I was having lunch with an old friend of mine the other day. I hadn’t seen her since just after she had her baby. That was four years ago. I can’t believe how fast time flies when you’re doing the same routine day in and day out. If you don’t and look up from what you’re doing, life can zip right by without bothering to take you along for the ride.

She was telling me about how her son has all these imaginary friends. He has normal friends as well, he goes to this kindergarten three days a week, and he gets on well with the kids there, but while he’s at home, and his dad isn’t around, he’s always wandering around talking to people that aren’t there. When my friend asks him about them, he acts like she’s the one living in an alternative reality. He can see them, why can’t she?

She wasn’t too worried, but seeing as he’s her only kid, and she’s never experienced the “imaginary friend” thing, she started checking around to find out how normal it was. Maybe her house was actually filled with ghosts or something, and he could see them, and she couldn’t. If that were the case, she would need to learn to communicate with them so they wouldn’t keep him up past his bedtime.

She was telling me she did all this research, and actually went to see a specialist in child development. What she found out was both interesting and relieving. Her kid was normal, and her house wasn’t filled with ghosts. At least none that she or he could see.

What he told her was how the brain develops as we grow older, and one way that the brain switches between externally focused and internally focused. All of this has overlap with other areas of brain research, but part of it is particularly useful for understand how children develop, and how they are often in their own worlds, which seem to them as real as these words you are reading now.

The brain has four basic categories of brainwaves. The brainwaves are made up of all the electrical impulses pulsing throughout the brain at any given time. Every time you have a thought, conscious or unconscious, several billion neurons fire off in particular orders. The sum total of the firing of neurons, and the resultant wave of electrical impulses can be measured. They range from very slow, long brainwaves, to fast and short ones. Each category is associated with a different “type” of brain activity.

Most adults alternate between beta and alpha. Beta is the fastest, and is what most people experience when we are awake. Externally focused, thinking about the things around us and how to deal with them. Extremely high levels of beta are thought to be an indication of stress and anxiety. (An indication, not a cause).

The next is alpha. (An interesting side note, alpha is not the fastest, even though it’s called alpha. It’s called alpha only because it was the first one they discovered.) Alpha is associated with daydreaming, drifting off into imaginations about the past or the future. Artists and creative thinkers find alpha particularly helpful, as this is where they get a lot of their inspiration. When you kind of “zone out” in the middle of something, you have slipped from beta into alpha.

The next one down is theta. This is where all hallucinations, hypnosis, and deep meditation occur. During theta you can have wild ideas and thoughts. When you are falling asleep at night, and you drift from thinking about normal, every day thoughts, and catch your thoughts drifting seemingly on their own, with you just watching them, you’ve slipped into theta.

As adults, it’s very hard to be in theta and stay awake. Theta is that brief space between waking and sleep. Advanced meditators can hold this state for a while, but it takes some practice. Theta is though to be where genius ideas come from. Edison used to sit in a chair in a dark room, holding a weight in his outstretched hand. As soon as he drifted into sleep, and into theta, he would drop the weight. This would wake him up, and he would immediately write down as much as he could. This is how he came up with so many creative ideas. It wasn’t that he was smarter or more creative than the rest of us, it was just he effectively used his brains capacity to slip into theta, and exploit all of the genius level thinking that occurs during that phase.

Other scientists and inventors have used dreams, which are also in the theta brainwave state, to come up with ideas that have literally changed the face of science and industry.

One of the things that child development researchers are starting to discover is that when kids are growing up, they are in theta state a large portion of the time. Much more so that adults. Their brains are growing, and learning, and theta is the natural brainwave state to be in if you are learning about your environment for the first time. Learning how to walk and talk is one thing, but kids also naturally learn complex things like values, beliefs handed down with their parents, and complex emotional issues. They believe that theta is the perfect brainwave state for building strategies in the brain for dealing understanding and dealing with reality.

This may be why thinking of a problem just before bed is particularly helpful. Even though you may not remember, while you’re in the theta state just before sleep, your brain can come up with some pretty creative solutions to your problems, as Edison and others can attest to.

For most adults thought, accessing theta is only achievable through long practice of meditation. Unless we consciously practice in a regular basis, theta only comes with sleep, and unless we program ourselves before sleep to solve problems, the usefulness of theta is only useful to children.

But recently there have been discoveries that theta brainwave states can be achievable by listening to specific sounds. Sounds that we listen to have a profound impact on our brainwaves. With properly engineered sound, and focused concentration, theta is easily accessible by anyone with a CD player and pair of headphones.

It really is possible to tap into that same genius level creativity that Einstein, Edison and others have used over the years to solve problems, and come up with some astounding ideas that have changed the course of human history.

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Powerful Metaphysics

Powerful Metaphysics

Godzilla and Mind Programming

When I was a kid I used to really like watching old monster movies. There were one or two channels that would always show these old movies on Saturday afternoons, and I would always look forward to watching them. Most of them were “B” movies from the fifties and sixties, and had really interesting plots and story lines. Many of them were Japanese monster movies, and had an underlying metaphor of nuclear holocaust and the dangers that go along with it.

One of things that I find interesting, in retrospect, is that despite the seemingly “out here” story lines and the funny fact that their voices never matched their mouths, I still remember being completely drawn into these stories. As soon as they started, I couldn’t help but to completely lose myself in this and forget everything else. I don’t know if it was because I was a kid, and hadn’t really experienced a lot of special effects that most people expect when they see a science fiction movie, or just that being a kid allows for much more imagination and less critical attention to things that “don’t make any logical sense.”

I remember reading a study where the researchers were talking about different brainwaves in adults. Apparently, there are four different levels of brainwaves, beta, alpha, theta, and delta. Beta being the highest vibration, and delta being the lowest. Alpha is kind of a daydreaming state, the kind when you are in a meeting, and your boss is droning on about the latest sales figures, and you start thinking about that hot date you have this weekend, and suddenly your boss says “Peterson! Peterson! I’m talking to you!” and you say “Huh?”

Then there is theta, which is supposedly a really good brainwave state to be in, as it allows you to reprogram your subconscious, have amazing mental experiences, like shamanistic journeying and out of body experiences, and remote viewing and all kinds of other good stuff. Your imagination is best while it is in theta. It’s that stage just before you drift off into sleep that you are kind of conscious, but kind of just wandering around in la la land. If you’ve ever slipped into theta while falling asleep, and then slipped back out, you know what I’m talking about. You have a feeling of “who, what was I just thinking about?”

The brain is highly susceptible in the theta state. This is the best state to be in if your are undergoing hypnosis, because you can do things like learn to quit smoking, cut back on drinking, vastly improve your social skills, and remove any fears that you may have. And many studies indicate that children, up to about age 7 or 8, are almost always in the theta state.

Which explains why watching monster movies is so fascinating, even with cheesy special effects, obviously fake monsters, and voices that don’t match the actor’s lips. Of course, this is a double edge sword, both for kids and for parents. Anything you say to a kid, especially if it comes from an authority figure, will go straight in as unquestioned truth. Which is fantastic if you understand this and give kids empowering messages like, ” you can be anything you want to be,” or “there is no such thing as failure, you are always learning and getting better,” or “you are a worthy person who deserves success.” These can be wonderful messages to give to kids on a regular basis that will ensure they grow up to be happy self-sufficient individuals. Of course when you say things to them without thinking, or behave in ways that indicate any other that the above statements, that has a powerful effect as well.

The lowest form of brainwaves is delta, which is when you are deep asleep, even deeper than the dreaming state. Scientists believe that you only need less than an hour of delta sleep per night, and your good to go. Even if you sleep eight hours or more, and don’t get that delta state, you will still feel groggy all day, as if you only slept a few hours.

But my favorite was the Godzilla and Gamera movies. I even liked Gamara more than Godzilla, because I always believed Gamara to be a good guy, and Godzilla to be a bad guy. Gamara was always helping people out, while Godzilla was always walking all over Tokyo and generally causing mayhem.

Sing Your Truth

I was watching this documentary about the power of music. It was about how music has been used for tens of thousands of years from primitive tribes to modern times to convey emotional stories filled with hidden esoteric meanings. I remember when I took a piano class a few years ago, and the instructor was saying how music is an integral part to our deep psyche. When we are in the womb, we hear the thump thump thump of our mother’s heart, pumping the blood carrying nutrients not only to her body, but directly to ours as well.

Then when we are born we have that thump thump thump always going. The consistent steady beat that circulates our body with life itself. Night and day, the cycle of the seasons, and the moon and the tides are all reminders that we are in a rhythmic cycle within a rhythmic cycle within a rhythmic cycle. All the world’s religions use music or chanting of some sort to connect to the divine. Whales sing to each other. Even dolphins communicate in a sing song click click that scientists believe conveys meaning through it’s frequency, as does the caws of crows, and the singing of larks.

Brain waves themselves can be altered by music. Anthropologists believe this was the primary driving force behind the propensity for primitive tribes to gather in sacred places and play their drums in specific frequencies. These drum beats literally lowered the brain waves of the participants to levels that allowed for states of hypnogogic imagery and creativity.

Music can be created to deliver emotions of all ranges. Music can soothe your soul, lighten your heart, and bring tears to your eyes, all within minutes. Evolutionary biologists believe that singing in birds is primarily to attract mates. They also postulate that the factor behind the explosive growth of the human brain over the past million years was due to exactly that. Sexual competition within the species over the hundreds of millennia. Is it any wonder that rock stars are known for the flocks of groupies that literally throw themselves at them?

It’s one thing to write sweet words, it’s yet another to say them. But it’s on an entirely different level of evolutionary success to belt out a song with a thumping beat to back you up. Where I live, karaoke is very popular, but many people are too shy to sing in front of friends, or feel the need to lubricate themselves before they feel comfortable. Their missing out on one of the greatest ways to kill that imaginary shell that keeps you inside your imagination.

What if it turns out that it wasn’t the quality of the song that drove us to evolutionary leaps, but the courage to boldly stand up and sing without fear, without quarter and with unabashed confidence? What if it wasn’t the words at all, but the bass in our voice, and the flamboyant charisma that their sound created? Think about this next time you have the opportunity to sing. Don’t let it pass you by. Take it. Make it yours. Sing your truth.