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Be Bold And Take The Leap

How To Properly Set The Hook

Think of what it’s like to be an attractive female.

Everywhere you go, guys are checking you out.

And everywhere you go, guys are trying all kinds of “game” to generate interest.

What does this mean?

Even if you use reasonably good “game,” she’ll still categorize you with all those other “players.”

Even if you game works, even if she finds you attractive anyway, she still is going to enjoy being chased.

In this scenario, girls are fishing, and men are fish.

The more you get the fish to chase the bait, the more committed they are.

Girls are programmed to do this.

It’s in their DNA.

Their ancient inner-selves want to know the guy she gets together with isn’t a short term player.

So even if you DO have very tight game, you still might need to work on her while.

Is this the ONLY way?

No, it is not.

Another way would be to get her interested in you WITHOUT her thinking you’re running any kind of game.

Girls love the idea of being “seduced” by a worthy male.

But they also love the idea of “magic.”

That feeling that just happens, without any logic.

When she can’t get you out of her mind, and she doesn’t know why.

This is the stuff epic romances are made of.

Of course, you still have to talk to her.

But since you won’t be using any overt seduction techniques, you don’t need to worry about any resistance.

Just talk to her as if you aren’t really interested.

And then spin a few nested loops.

The kind embedded with deep attraction generating technology.

Not only will it feel like magic (to her) it will be HER idea.

And YOU will be the one setting the hook.

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Hypnotic Seduction

Ditch Approach Anxiety

How To Make Women Try To Impress You

Many guys use a lot of “tricks” to pick up girls.

Things they learn in hopes of “impressing her.”

But if you are operating from this mindset, you have already made a mistake.

No matter how “skilled” you are, there is ALWAYS going to be a guy who is BETTER.

And this also reinforces and very troubling trend today.

Most guys treat even plain looking girls like princesses.

And with the magic of photoshop (and other image software), plain looking girls can make themselves look pretty gorgeous on social media.

Which gives them the ILLUSION (through their followers and likes) of actually BEING a popular princess.

So when you walk up and try to “impress” her with your witty pick up line, or clever bar trick, she’s going to SUBCONCIOUSLY compare you to EVERY OTHER GUY that she considers her “princess fan.”

Which may be THOUSANDS of guys on social media.

This can be a tough crowd to beat.

So why even play?

NO, I’m talking about joining some self-imposed celibate movement and accepting that the only girls you’ll get any action from are in video games.

I’m talking about not playing the “I need to impress her” game.

How do you do that?

First you need to FEEL abundance rather than scarcity.

I know, this sounds like law of attraction mumbo jumbo, so let explain.

Scarcity (or the scarcity mindset) comes from a feeling that you WANT much more than you are capable of getting.

This is true for most males. They want sex much more than they can get sex.

Or in economic terms, DEMAND is much higher than SUPPLY.

This means it is a sellers market.

Because women operate in a world where they are the scarce resource, they can afford to be choosey.

Males, on the other hand, feel lucky just to get a little attention.

How do you switch that to the abundance mindset?

You need to actually EXPERIENCE that there are a LOT of women out there.

And they are pretty similar.

And most importantly, MOST OF THEM are really not that special.

This requires that you RECALIBRATE how you perceive the sexual marketplace.

How do you do that?

By removing the FALSE FEAR that makes it SEEM like you’re operating from scarcity.

Do this, and you’ll never feel the need to impress another woman again.

They will feel the need to impress you.

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Zero Fear Game

Claim Your Castle

Rid Yourself of Approach Anxiety

Humans and chimps share 98% of our DNA.

It’s believed that humans and chimps split apart six million years ago.

Plenty of studies have shown that when you stick a few people in an unknown situation, we’ll organize according to a hierarchy.

What hierarchy?

It’s one thing we humans know how to do instinctively.

No language needed.

We just kind of look around, and figure out who’s “most likely” to be a good “leader.”

It’s usually the guy (or sometimes the gal) who seems to know what’s what.

Who has the look that he’s got everything (or he knows he will have everything) under control.

Nobody needs to teach us how to do this.

When they study chimps, they find there is a strong correlation between social status and sex.

It’s almost like each generation is a “social status contest,” with the winner being the one who sends his DNA into the future the most.

When girls go out looking to meet guys, you better believe they are also using this same instinct.

To see who’s “in charge” and who isn’t.

Females seem to be MUCH BETTER at this than guys are.

They can quickly scan a room, and find out who’s confident, and who’s not.

Who’s nervous, and who’s not.

This is why it feels (or can feel) so “on the spot” when you approach.

So by the time you walk over there, no matter WHAT you say, she will have ALREADY come to a few conclusions about you.

And as I’m sure you know, first impressions are HARD to change.

So why not make a good one?

Make SUCH a good impression so that no matter WHAT you say to her, it will work to IMPROVE your attraction.

How do you do that?

Remove all that junk in your mind.

That internal chatter that makes it seem like YOU need to present yourself to HER for approval, instead of the other way around.

After all, YOU are the one who is sending your DNA into the future (at least that’s what your genes think!)

Ditch the unhelpful beliefs, and claim your true power.

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Zero Fear Game

End Manipulation

How To Lower The Boom

A long time ago, when I was fresh out of college and working for a big company, I made a costly mistake.

Not billions of dollars costly, but it messed up a design schedule for a product.

I had to tell my boss’ boss, since she was the one in charge.

I was pretty nervous. I thought I might be fired, or killed, or worse.

So I went up into her HUGE office, and told her.

She didn’t blink. She just listened, nodded, and asked a simple question:

“OK. What are you going to do now?”

I had already figured out how to fix things, and I told her.

“OK. When will that be ready?” she asked, still not having put her pen down from what she was doing. I told her, and she thanked me and got back to whatever she was doing.

Just like that.

Interestingly, this is how most EVERY conversation goes, especially those we THINK are going to turn into horrible shout-fests.

So long as you calmly explain yourself, there’s really not much the other person can do.

If they jump up and down, throw a tantrum, and lob a few illogical insults, you can just calmly repeat yourself.

“I understand this makes up upset. And…” and repeat yourself.

You can even add on the magic words at the end, so they don’t feel like you’re slamming the door in their face.

“What do you want to do?”

The trick in being TRULY assertive (and not aggressive, which most people confuse with being assertive) is to calmly state your truth, and ALLOW the other person to respond however they want.

Then if you need to, simply restate your truth, and ask, “What do you want to do?”

Once they realize their temper tantrum won’t work, it will lose it’s effectiveness, and they’ll (usually) become more reasonable.

Of course, like any other linguistic technology, this is a LOT easier on paper than it is in real life.

This is pretty tough when you’re heart is jack-hammering in your chest.

Luckily, there are plenty of exercises you can do on your own, before lowering the “boom.”

And once you see how EASY it is to express your truth, whatever it is, you’ll realize the world is MUCH MORE receptive to your truth than you believe.

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Stop Manipulation

Mountain Climbing

How To Easily Redefine Yourself

There are a lot of “truisms” that pretty much everybody knows.

But at the same time, these same “truisms” are rarely experienced by anybody.

We hear them all the time, and we see people say them with conviction.

This gives us kind of a “fake” knowing that they are true.

For example, few people would argue that there’s no air on the moon.

We’ve seen pictures of guys in spacesuits, and we can sort of imagine that without any “atmosphere” there’d be no air to breathe.

But suddenly finding ourselves on the moon and gasping for breath would be a completely different experience.

Right now, when somebody says, “there’s no air on the moon,” we nod and agree.

But if we had the EXPERIENCE of not being able to breathe on the moon, we would respond COMPLETELY differently to the same statement.

This is the difference between “hearing” those truisms over and over and thinking that we “believe” them and actually experiencing them.

One of these famous “truisms” is that “most of our fears or false.”

Or somebody famous once saying, “My biggest fears in life have never happened.”

While we would all AGREE that our biggest fears are “false” very few of us have any experiencing PROVING this “fact.”

But anybody that has been in any kind of “group therapy” or to any type of “AA” meeting KNOWS this.

Part of the process is admitting some of the horrible things you’ve done.

Things you’ve kept bottled up forever.

Things you think will make people want to banish you from society.

But then you say them, and everybody looks at you passively.

Finally the leader says, “Thanks for sharing. Anybody else?”

Just like that, your biggest fear, gone.



Maybe a couple nods from a couple people, but that’s about it.

This is what happens when we tell the world who we really are.

We are TERRIFIED they will reject us.

TERRIFIED they will banish us.

But no matter HOW we “define ourselves” the response will be the same.

“Oh, OK. Cool.”

Sure, we might have to repeat ourselves a couple times to certain individuals, but that’s about it.

So, how would YOU like to DEFINE yourself?

Or RE-DEFINE yourself?

Because here’s another “truism” that is super easy to “prove”:

The world will treat YOU just like YOU treat YOU.

And YOU can treat yourself however you want.

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Stop Manipulation

End Boundary Invasions

Develop An Unbreakable Shield

My friend has a couple of kids I play with from time to time.

Usually this means me chasing them around.

Sometimes they’ll use the idea of a protective “force field” to keep me away.

We’ve never talked about it, or sat down and hammered out the specific rules of me chasing them around.

Just sometimes they stop, turn and put out both palms, and yell “Force Field!”

I don’t know where they got this from, but the unwritten rule (I’m not even sure how well they can read and write anyway) is that when they use it, I have to obey it.

Funny things is they also know you’re not supposed to use it all of the time.

But it’s something we all understand and adhere to.

The idea of a protective “force field” is pretty ubiquitous in all stories.

Whether it’s on Star Trek or an actual big defensive wall that all the characters from The Lord of the Ring hid behind in the second movie (Helm’s Deep), the idea has been around for a LONG time.

That there is the idea of “us in here” and “those people out there.”

And between “us” and “them” is this protective shield.

One of the hallmarks of their famous Roman Army was their ability to arrange their individual shields together in one indefensible wall.

Same with the Spartans.

In interpersonal communication, we talk about the idea of “frame.”

Whoever can control the “frame” is the one who controls the “meaning” of the conversation.

But much DEEPER than the idea of “frame” (which relies on consciously chosen meaning) is the idea of “sense of self.”

If you have an UNCERTAIN sense of self, it’s difficult to hold a strong frame.

Like when my friend’s kids go on attack. They can run at me with all their might, but unless they get lucky, they’ll NEVER be able to knock me over.

This is what it’s like when you have a ROCK SOLID sense of self.

No matter how powerful the other person’s “attack” is, you just stand there and look at them, waiting for them to finish.

Just like playing with little kids.

Even if they got REALLY ANGRY, and started punching my shins with fury, I wouldn’t ever worry about ME getting hurt. I would be worried about WHY they were so angry.

Similarly, in real life, when you have massive confidence, and a rock solid sense of self, you will fear NO ONE. No matter WHAT they are saying.

You’ll just look at them curiously, and wonder why they’re so agitated about whatever they are agitated about.

The FLIP SIDE of this is when YOU approach OTHERS with this same rock solid sense of self, they’ll look at YOU like little kids look at adults.

As a source of authority, protection and guidance.

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Stop Manipulation

Tune Into Their Wavelength

How To Make Their Desires Sticky

When I was a kid me and my friends used to like playing with static electricity.

If you took a balloon that was filled, and rubbed it on your hair, you could pull your hair up.

For kids, it looked like some kind of magic.

There’s that saying that if science is sufficiently advanced beyond our understanding, it will look like magic.

This is in a few time travel movies, most famously “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court,” by Mark Twain.

The guy was about to be executed, but because he knew when there was going to be an eclipse, he said he was going to blot out the sun.

They believed him and he escaped.

There are plenty of other examples in stories, and history, or advanced cultures bringing scientific devices to primitive places.

One thing that seems mysterious and magical to many people is the idea of human nature.

But plenty of people have shown again and again that human behavior is much more scientific.

Perhaps we like to believe in magic, or perhaps we don’t like the idea of our actions being so predictable.

In Cialdini’s famous work, “Influence,” he demonstrated that influence is much more science than art.

And by understanding certain principles, and applying them correctly, you can get some scientifically consistent results.

One of these principles is that humans have unlimited wants and needs.

If you just sit there, your desire for oxygen will turn into a desire to get rid of carbon dioxide.

On a molecular level, your body NEVER rests.

Mentally it’s the same. We ALWAYS have unfulfilled wants.

They may be tiny, like something to drink or they may be huge, like the need to escape an alien invasion.

But they’ll always be there.

And one way to get people in a VERY GOOD mood, is to get them talking about those wants and needs.

Especially under a best case scenario.

You’ll find that building up their general desires, no matter WHAT they are, will make them “sticky.”

Just like rubbing a balloon will make IT sticky, and lift your hair up.

When you get their desires big and sticky enough, you can attach them to anything.

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Hypnotic Sales

Magical Fire Energy

Find Your Secret Energy Source

Many of the words we use have tons of different meanings.

Take the word “economy” for example.

When Clinton successfully beat Bush back in ’92, his slogan was, “It’s the economy, stupid!”

In this context, “economy” means the entirety of all transactions.

The implications was that he understood the “economy” was in trouble, and he was going to fix it.

People took this to mean that individuals would get better jobs, better pay, etc.

When marketers use the word “economy” they often combine it with the term, “size.”

The idea being that when you buy in bulk (economy size) your price is less per gram or unit or whatever.

Because our energy use as individuals has ALWAYS been a concern, our entire evolutionary history is based on how well we “economize.”

The more efficient we are with energy usage, the more successful we’ll be as individuals.

One of my favorite lines from Star Trek is when Scotty (the engineer who took care of the engines) was talking to an engineer from another ship.

He asked the other engineer how fast their ship would go.

He gave him an answer.

Then Scotty asked him how fast the ship would REALLY go.

And the other engineer gave Scotty the same answer.

Scotty looked puzzled, and ask if the other captain knew this information.

The other engineer nodded yes, as if it were a silly question.

Scotty looked at him and said, “Aye, laddie, never tell the captain how fast the ship will REALLY go!”

The idea being that it’s always good to have some secret energy in “reserve.”

Mother Nature had the same idea.

It seems that we humans always have more energy than we realize.

For example, you might feel pretty lazy and sluggish.

Too tired to even change the channel with the remote.

But if you suddenly saw a snake slither across the floor, you’d get a burst of energy.

Paradoxically, we always have to “economize” our energy, but we always have some in our secret reserve tank.

Luckily, our world today is FAR LESS dangerous than it was when we were created.

Which means we can use FAR MORE of our existing energy, and still have plenty in the tank.

The problem is finding it.

And then changing it into a usable source.

Luckily, that’s pretty easy.

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Sex Transmutation

Energy Ball

Should You Split The Un-Splittalbe?

Once upon a time, splitting the atom was the holy grail of science.

The word “atomic” means “the most basic.”

Which means when they first called it an “atom” they thought it was the smallest possible thing.

They chose a name that meant, “the smallest possible thing.”

So the sentence, “split the atom” has a lot of significance.

It sort of means, “split the un-splittable.”

Understanding the historical concept, (creating a bomb more powerful than anybody could ever imagine) conjures up all sorts of mythology and metaphors.

Pandora’s box, for example.

Or the apple (knowledge) that the devil tricked Eve into eating.

In a very real way, it can easily be argued that there are some things that our human brains are better off not knowing.

Even used peacefully, for energy, it may turn out that splitting the atom may be much more trouble than it’s worth.

If you’re into conspiracy theories, there are stories of a giant coverup, that the Fukushima meltdown (that they are still having trouble dealing with) is going to eventually kill us all.

All of the radioactive water is being pumped into the ocean, which will eventually kill all the life, which will ultimately kill all living things on Earth.

As far as conspiracy theories go, it’s a doozy!

All because we dumb humans wanted to split the atom.

But there’s another way to use the atom.

And it creates MUCH MORE energy, and it’s much safer.

Instead of splitting the unsplittable (fission) the opposite would be to JOIN the unsplittable (fusion).

Fusion is what powers the sun, and subsequently ALL LIFE on earth.

Maybe we’re stuck in one of those disaster movies, where there’s a race against time.

We dumb humans have to discover how to harness the ultimate in cheap, clean energy (fusion) before we kill ourselves with Pandora’s Box, or Eve’s Apple.

Who would have thought such a tiny thing would cause so much problems?

You have a similar situation within yourself.

A POWERFUL energy source.

You can use it like fission, and deal with the likely consequences.

OR you can use it like FUSION, and have ultimate, clean energy that can power your human journey to levels unheard of in common life.

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Sex Transmutation

Surrender To Your Inner Alien

The Pavlovian Energy Pattern

If you accidentally wore your shirt inside out, you’d feel pretty silly.

On the other hand, some clothes are purposely made so they can be reversed.

But the funny thing is that there really isn’t any law against wearing your shirt inside out.

It still works as a shirt. It’s probably the same color.

It just looks a little different.

Most people wouldn’t even notice unless you told them.

But most of us would be terrified if we did this by accident.

Because that’s not the way we are “supposed” to wear our clothes.

That’s one of the problems with us humans.

We think that once it’s been established that we are “supposed” to do things a certain way, that’s the way we do them.

Even if they are doing construction and you have to take a different route to work, it may feel strange.

But if you ONLY do what you ALWAYS do, you’ll ALWAYS get what you have ALWAYS got.

It’s seem obvious, on one hand, that if you want DIFFERENT results (or anything different in your life) you’ve got to DO something different.

One way to carefully break out of ANY rut is to NOT use things they way they are SUPPOSED to be used.

Maybe wear a pair of socks that don’t match.

Or get colored contacts and put a different color in each eye.

If only to PROVE if you do something “different,” the world won’t come crashing down.

After all, if you want to get some SPECTACULAR results, you’ll need to do things WAAAAAY differently than you have been.

If you want to eat something different, you’ve got to cook something different.

One of the most POWERFUL ways to use something different that what you are SUPPOSED to do is how you use your sexual energy.

If you know ANYTHING about NLP, then you know about anchoring.

That thing Pavlov did with his dogs.

He took their natural response to a natural stimuli (salivating to food) and CHANGED how it worked.

You can do the same with your sexual energy.

And since it’s usually in abundance, you can leverage it in MANY different ways.

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